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To anyone who has Nvidia

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Recently, Nvidia came out with a GeForce Experience update which is awesome! The bad thing is that it installed a bloatware onto my computer (and probably yours, not sure yet). The reason I found out was my CPU was running at 65% to 90% usage constantly, even when I was surfing the web which I thought was weird. So I opened the resource manager for Windows and found MANY TCP connections for NvStreamSvc (it was around 100 + connections). So I found a site that stopped it and disabled it on start.


How do you access the resource manager (For Windows 8/8.1 Users)

1. Right on your taskbar on the bottom of the screen and select "task manager"




2. Once open click on the performance tab




3. Once on the performance tab click (towards the bottom) "Open Resource Manager" it will look something like this




4. Click on the CPU tab and look at the small cpu usage box on the Process Bar. If it's anything over 5-15% then you need to click on the Network Tab and look for any connections called "NvStreamSvc," if you have more than about 5-10 and you have many IPv4Loopbacks, then chances are it's causing bloating on your computer.


How do I stop "NvStreamSvc"

1. Open the start tab and type in "Cmd"

2. When the "cmd.exe" pops up, right click on it and select "run as administrator"

3. Once the box opens type in: sc stop "NvStreamSvc"

4. Now type sc config "NvStreamSvc" start=disabled

5. Type exit and you're done! :D


This will stop the service completely and not allow it to start up and allow it to cause the issues all over again. Again I'm not sure if this is cause issues for others, if it is than I hope I'm able to help you, if not than carry on with your day to day PC Master Race life :D

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Nice write up. That service is for the shadow play I believe. Doesn't seem to spike my cpu. None the less different people have different results from updates. But I am sure there are others out there that this will affect. Thanks for the info.


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I looked into it more and it's actually for "SHIELD" which not a lot of people have. Not sure if they use that same service for shadow play or not.

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