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What are you looking forward to in Drop 5?

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With all the news about the updates to the game trickling in over the past few weeks. What are you guys looking forward to? What are some unofficial rumors you've heard around the web? and how do you think it will effect the game?


Me personally? i've read that the power cores for crafting will finally be put into the crafting bags! seriously its about time. those things take up so much room.


I really want housing neighborhoods, that's a rumor that's been floating around for awhile. not in this drop mind you, just in general. or guild housing plot would be nice to. somewhere to hang out and chill while waiting for queues to pop and stuff.


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stalkers getting 3 ints that actually make sense! Top-happiness. Followed by pets and new housing stuff.


Medic changes... ehhhh. I'm sure they'll be great, but I think it's going to mean some pretty big changes to DPS rotations. Melee medics!

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I agree on the power cores.  


The boss in a box raid and the new adventure look interesting and more content is always good


Pets and mounts are not so much my thing but I know it is for quite a few people so hopefully having them will entice more folks to play/stay


For SS changes there is the Void Pact one which I'm not real sure about yet but think it will make it easier for DPS slingers to bring Void Pact (Healers should pretty much always have VP for raiding)


I think making Arcane Shock a straight interrupt with the 2 interrupt at T4 will help avoid some of the the issues with having to use T4 Gate to do 2 IA.  Although still needing to use gate for 3IA means it is still going to be needed in Dungeons.  But AS is also a lot shorter CD than Gate so that is nice as well.


Anyway I don't see anything really exciting on the SS front minor things mostly but we shall see how it plays out.

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Haven't seen this yet Bear - thanks for sharing!

My thoughts:

The vegetables are all so happy and cute-looking. squee.

I want the squid one! I think it'll go well with my aquaman costume

It feels sorta....wrong...to have a lopp, skeech, or moodie as a pet. They're fully sentient and speak our language. That's wicked weird yo

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I want a rosdower >.> maybe the augmented one, not sure yet. Oooor I might want one of the splorg. Or maybe the vind.


I mean, I'm sure I'll collect all of them, just trying to figure out which i'll have out most of the time lol

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There's a scheduled maintenance tomorow for an "update". Crosses fingers it's Drop 5!

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