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Chasaroonie's Intro

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I am thrilled to see the boost in activity over the past week since the resurgence of Battlefield 4. Whether you're new to ADK or coming back after a long while, welcome! Your support is appreciated!

I am Chasaroonie, but you may call me Chas (real name Charles). I used to run the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online section and was an admin for the ARK: Survival Evolved Hive servers back in 2018. Combine that with pilot training and competitive/Battle Royale games on the side, my mental health had seen better days. Once the pandemic hit, I took an indefinite hiatus from flying and shifted to more casual gaming with the occasional Call of Duty. I have always loved single-player, story-driven games. As you can probably tell, I am a fan of Cyberpunk and currently playing through Horizon: Forbidden West in anticipation for their VR title, Call of the Mountain. 

Nowadays, I'm playing more VR with an immersive flight game called VTOL VR. This game has satisfied my thirst for flying while cooperating with other players in completing missions and have fun destroying targets. If ADK decides to get big again, I would not mind running a VR section! This can include various multiplayer VR titles such as VTOL, Pavlov, Zenith MMO, etc.. I lean more towards co-op, but the occasional competitive may be fun too.



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Wait, Horizon is getting a VR mode/game?

Join us on Discord!

Returning member?  Ping me in Discord and I'll reassign your member tags.  Looking to join? Join Discord, makes some friends and get someone to vouch for you, it's that simple

Streaming ADK shenanigans and more on my Twitch

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