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Biggest Brush fire in NY since 1995....

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Soo effed up. In my District, Manorville NY. We have been battling a large 1,000+ Acre Brush Fire since yesturday at 4pm..

I was there at 4pm-12:45am then 6am-12pm



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it was.. But it was heading in East and i live West of the fire.. It took every department from 2 counties and the entire island.. Finally the state dropped water from above.. We lost 1 brush truck that turned on its side, and 3 Fire Fighters from that truck got burned 1 was in the hospital overnight with bad burns

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Damn! I can totally relate, we always get brush fires around here :[ my family an hour south of me had to evacuate and live at my house for a few days. Shits cray.

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Dang, doesn't sound too good.

We don't get any in IL, well large scale ones as most land is farmland and thick woods and its always so moist here and humid brush fires hardly start or last long and usually if they do farmers themselves can put it out.

But I hope everyone in the area is safe.

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