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Welcome Acer XG270HU. Goodbye ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q

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Ofc i don't have either but 


Have you guys seen the new this new screen from Acer?? 27inch 2560x1440p, 144hz, TN panel


Costs 200-300euros less than asus rog and seems extremely good according to Guru3D.


Acer XG270HU 




In my opinion in the WQHD resolution screens this is the next best thing for gamers.


For me only downside is that red bar covering the monitor :P preferred black 

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theres another new monitor that come out also with VESA support


Benq XL2730Z




No writen reviews at the moment

only news and a video






ps: remind everyone who don't know that if you want that extra Freesync support it only works on AMD cards.

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I think it is a fairly tough decision, because now your monitor is tied to your GPU in a very real way.  Freesync is great because it's cost effective, g-sync charges a premium, which sucks.  However, I wouldn't touch ATI drivers with a 20ft pole, personally.  In either case, if you're asking yourself is this tech worth it?  Yes definitely, especially if you're running demanding resolutions / settings.  My only giant gripe with g-sync so far is you cannot run it simultaneously with 3d vision.  Specifically ultra low motion blur pulsing and adaptive syncing do not work, as far as I know.  At least on monitors, I think OR might've solved this issue.

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yeah im not that into the freesync/gsync either. if i bought it was going to be cause of the 2560x1440p and the 144hz.

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Don't misunderstand me, I'm super into it. :D  I think it's the best thing to happen to monitors since 120hz.  Perhaps even more significant.  G/Free-sync surround would be absolutely amazing!  Which, brings me to another edge case for those wondering: Using 1 monitor with g-sync in surround will not enable the rest of the monitors with g-sync, even though it lists the surround as "g-sync capable". G-sync also only works in full screen mode.

Looking at the future: directx12 will enable us to use different brands in a sli/crossfire configuration, so, it's entirely possible you can grab one of these monitors, and utilize it to the full potential later so long as you have another 8x slot to stick another card in.

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