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why it takes forever to get anything in this game?

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thread i made in FD forum, so it was directed at them.... but still aims at the same point.


the truth is,

You guys need to understand that this game is, in a way, an MMO. If they make all the higher content too easily obtainable, then people will get bored. Just like wow, the more content released and the bigger the top ships get, the easier it will be to get ships like the anaconda. I remember in wow, it took like a year to get lvl 60 (buying an anaconda). Now i can get lvl 60 in a few days. if every1 had an anaconda, then every1 will get bored, and frontier wont have anymore backers and funders.


this game will be grindy and somewhat boring for some time. that doesn't meant that it is intended to stay that way. if any of you played wow in 2006, you will remember that killing 10 zebras gives you 1 hove. and you needed like 25. so it was boring grindy. but after years of developement, the game's "grind" and progression became more enjoyable. that's the progression of an MMO type game. it requires patients and faith in FD for you to enjoy this game. cause you'll learn quickly that if you only care about getting the conda and think of the grind as a chore, you wont enjoy the conda when you get it. enjoy the journey! you'll need to use imagination for the meantime. they're doing their best to release content as fast as possible.

It's a business, and they want you to keep playing for months. you have to be patient. the reason why they havent released everything the trailer advertised is because it will take a very long time to get all those features added. If they waited til everything was finished, it would take years. There is no way that they would have backers and supports that long, it would take like 2 more years and alot more money.

Remember, they have employees to pay, building lease and utility, employee benefits, certifications and all kindas of other stuff to pay on a weekly or monthly basis. If you honestly want more content much quicker, then give them more money. More employees+funding= better/stable/more content. If you're not patient enough then go play other games and comeback when payed expansions come out, but dont post about of boring the game is, and how there isn't enough content, because all you're doing is discouraging the crew of frontier. This is their baby, and if all they see in forums (i promise you most of them read the forums) is hate about their baby and how ugly it is, they'll lose passion and motivation.

All businesses know that a happy, motivated employee base makes more efficient work flows. In the gaming industry, player input on forums are a huge motivator or discourager. So be careful what you post, cause it might just ruin a game designers day and make him lose motivation and/or quit.

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This game, since 1984, has always had a steep learning curve with a high difficulty.  That said, I find it immeasurably easier than those earlier games.  As the game expands and the devs add more depth and detail, it's all going to seem more daunting to the beginner and more engaging than it is today.

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i've never played the originals, but i'm really glad that you agree with me in a since. most people buy this game probably wont continue but i feel that this game will have a consistant player quote to keep it alive. as long as they distinguish themeslves from SC in a positive way.

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not only is your personal gain, in terms of money in this game a journey, but also the community devolping with the game, becoming rich in content and community coop. will also be a journey.

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