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Muji's intro

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Aight so i was in one of the servers and i've been on it for a while, and its really fun and i wanted to join this clan or community, which ever you are.

so lets get down to it. My name is muji, 18 yrs old, suburbs of Washington dc. love pc gaming, started with age of empires 2 in like 2004 even though i was still on ps2 mostly back then. Been playing bf3 since beta, really fun game. also play World of Warcraft occasionally.

I started playing on adk team deathmatch and it's been really fun, always bans hackers and such. super fun server and yep thats me. i've also made an application to apply.

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Hello Muji :) TDM is one of my favorite servers next to the Caspian server so hopefully we run into each other.

Until then, join us in team speak to get to know us better!

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Welcome to the forums!

As long as your active on the teamspeak, forums, and servers somewhat (don't expect you have to be on constantly), your application should have no problem getting accepted. I hope to see you around!

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Hey Muji! Welcome to the ADK forum community.

I am glad you found our servers to your liking, our Admins do their best to keep the servers running clean and efficiently and our members do their fair share by helping to populate and letting us know when something goes awry.

:) I hope to see you around more and as was previously mentioned, you should check us out in TS sometime!

Good Hunting!

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