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lalande 18115 civil war?

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All factions in Lalande 18115 are Independent except for the Lalande 18115 Natural Network which is Federation and at Civil War with 2.9% Influence (2/18/2015).  The Anarchy faction, Pirates of Lalande 18115, are also at Civil War with 1.0% Influence.


The Federation faction has no stations.  The Anarchy faction controls McMullen Hub and Guin Dock.


Hope this helps!

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Delivering missions for the faction you wish to support is the first, best step.  If, when reading a mission for the faction you oppose, you can see how to take the oppositions mission and abandon it, you can diminish Influence of the opposition faction.  Also, there are mission you can accept that, when you enter a USS to see if you can find what you're looking for, you'll often find someone who urges you not to complete the mission so you could actually get rewarded for it.  I don't care for those, personally.


If there were a Fed station I'd tell you to trade with it.  But that won't work in this system.  So all you need is enough cargo space for the runs they may have for you (1-11 tons usually, from what I've seen).


I know Frontier has been working on bounties helping one faction or another but again, you don't have a Fed station at which to turn them in.  So that won't work.  I'm not sure they've implemented anything on that yet, either.


So, missions it has to be.  Complete them for the good guys and abandon those from the bad guys.


That should get you started.  And watch the Influence change in the System Map day by day!  You'll get your Fed ranking up sooner or later, as well.


Theoretically, once a faction is increased enough and one holding a station is diminished enough, a station can turn.  But I've not seen it nor read anyone talking about having done so.


Just have fun!  :D

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My understanding, at this point, is that missions have impact on Influence whereas trading and bounty hunting have little, if any, effect.  Supposedly, this will change in the future.

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