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During the recent weeks it has been mentioned about the community wanting a Tournament Ladder along with some event system.


Well I am proud to announce the system is under development and is almost ready for Alpha testing. Few things to mention and explain as this system is totally unique from what I can gather from other systems.


Available tournaments now Player Based (updates and adding more is a possibility)

  • Match player vs player for score.
  • Match Player vs Player for combat score (raw score for in game, no other unlocks etc to the score)
  • Match Player vs Player for K/D ratio
  • Match Player vs Player for W/L ratio

Each tournament can go daily or weekly with up to 20 players. Each randomly selected to compete with one other player and continue up the ladder.


  • Team based up to 10 players per team same modes as above.

One leader, and above 5 players start having stand by players to swap out (someones PC breaks, etc)


My favorite Fantasy Tournaments

  • Tournament founder can select players from player base (currently BF series, but Steam coming soon). Yes, ANY PLAYER
  • Players then draft the players they want either automated or live.
  • Players then activate, deactivate, trade or get more from the non drafted players.
  • Week by week matchups and at the end of the designated time (6 weeks default)
  • Play offs start to see who's number one etc.

Of course there is a classic tournament ladder for those who wish to have it old school and play matches against each other.


Do to utilizing API's to get stats the API calls can't be "real life" stats as that is a huge network and time consuming task. So for now stats update daily or weekly depending on the tournament settings.


Alpha Testing! hopefully by the middle of April we can open the system up for testing from the ADK Player base (BF3, 4 and Hardline) to ensure bug free and proper options are available to ensure a good time for players and ease of use. 


For those wanting to help out keep looking for the announcement and I will give out codes to allow you to sign up. 


Thank you, and hopefully soon!!!

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I have gotten a few questions on why testing?


While the system it tested to ensure functions, methods and all aspects work. The issue is a lack of testing for the API and then subsequent consumption of the data that can't be tested fully. 


So the Alpha will be set to allow those who want to help and some forced to help (LOL) just to ensure the API calls fire and the data is properly consumed (IE set winners and advance them or drop them). This will be a speed up process that could be over in a few weeks or worse case a few months.

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Alpha Testing Sign up is underway! Still 2-3 weeks away from testing, but I want to also gauge interest from ADK and else where.


Head over to www.adktournament.com and sign up (takes like 5 seconds).

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Just an update:


I have 10 players who have pre-registered. To those 10 thank you! You will be rewarded!!!!


The sites coding is almost done. Just finishing up the admin panel area now and then to do the user interface (HTML, CSS etc) which shouldn't take long.


We found that BF Stats is not going to cut it. Just to inaccurate. So we will be implementing some code developed and/or tweaked by Prophet instead. This will take a little while. In the mean time though we will utilize ADK's servers and stats that are already being collected.


We are still on track for the first release next weekend which the pre-registered will be able to start testing it out.


Sign up Today here!

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Still plugin along. Not running into issues, just taking a bit longer then expected. Mainly because a lack of interest from the community, so I have been working other projects.

I did update it today with some more features. You won't see a difference as it was all backend code. Mainly to watch server resources when all the timed functions (cron jobs) are being fired. Currently only logging the performing and login the action not saving.

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Almost done. Refactoring, cleaning up and front end work.

I have upgraded the framework code to a beta, so before pushing up to live I need to wait for release incase of any changes that may break the code.

Currently just under 20 players have signed up. Thank you to those who have, hopefully it will be a great time!

Basically any day now!!!

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Yes but hold off for now.

The site is done and tested for Alpha release and testing. I just need to set aside about 4-6 hours to deploy it and perform the initial set up. This is proving difficult due to rl stuff at the moment. Hopefully, but no promises, with in the next week or two.

Due to some fundamental database changes everyone will need to sign up again, but facebook and Google login and registration is enabled, so will only take about 2 minutes.

Award system is planned but not added yet so all alpha players will have a special award for participating and being active at a future date.

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