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Music Icons.

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I'm not trying to give away my age, but I remember watching this live on the TV and being totally blown away. It still sends tingles down my spine watching and listening to it.


Many bands couldn't get a crowd going like that if they tried. Don't forget, that's not 58,000 Queen fans, Queen only had a short slot amongst the line up for Live Aid. But boy did Freddie pull out all the stops.








So my question is, Who are your musical Icons?




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Queen rules. Band was completely ahead of their time and luckily, still hugely popular.

Seeing this DVD for the first time completely changed how I view this kind of music, so these three are definitely huge idols of mine.


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I remember seeing the last video that Freddie Mercury recorded before his really shitty, unfortunate death caused by AIDS. One of the best singers of all time. Reportedly, Brian May asked if Freddie was capable of singing well and Freddie NAILED it on his first take. 







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Queen - Only thing that almost anyone can sing along to, and almost always turn the frown upside down.

Judas Preist, - still rocking the seated floor after far too many year's, begining the harmonized Guitar Solo's.

Iron Maiden, - best show no effects, IMO perfecting the harmonized guitar solo.

Metallica, - first metal i actually took to. (Before Maiden)

Symphony X Made me look at albums completely different though, them being one larger story tied together

I also grew up around

Little River Band, Survivor, The Eagles, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones,

I amazed a much older co worker than me once because he sang two lines of King of the Road and I proceeded to complete the whole rest of the song. Edited by Fullmetal1212

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Man, nothing lives up to Queen... I was born way too late, i would do anything to see Mercury perform live.


As epic and iconic queen was though i wouldn't (personally) put them together with the bands and artists that built the foundation for what would eventually become the humongous scyskraper we now call Rock'n Roll... Bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mack and Allman brothers  for example would hold that title.

And of course, the Stones and David Bowie... Mick Jagger basically created a part of the Rock industry himself.

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For my musical icon it has to be the one .... the only ... Lady GAGA ! 

The only artist i have ever properly feel in love with and  paid to go watch at a concert ( 7 times in a row ! ) .

She gets alot of stick for being who she is etc but one of very few artists that can actually sing ! Kudos !!! 


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