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YuumaTheGreat's Introduction!

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Hello everybody! I've decided that I was in need of a group to game with, so I tried this LOVELY establishment. =P
In regards to my age, I understand that I am young, but I would like the be considered mature for my age.

I love gaming, computers, and playing with people who generally like to have a good time. I've been into computer my whole life, and I intend to pursue a career with computers. I built my own computer a few months ago, I loved every second of the experience and would love recommendations for sites or info that deal with hardware (I'd be willing to show the specs of my baby if someone takes interest in this part of my introduction). I'm still a newbie to computer hardware and such so some helpful tips and stuff are also appreciated. I currently play BF3 mainly, and unfortunately it's my first Battlefield. I love playing the objective of a game while messing around with new guns and set-ups. I've recently been trying to improve my flying skills and I've seemed to find some success with Heli's and not so much Jets lol. The story behind me wanting to joining ADK is this: Most of my friends aren't PC gamers and I've been longing to play with a group of people for a while. I joined one of the few Favorite servers I have(=ADK= Firestorm/Caspian Border) and saw you were recruiting and thought I might give it a try.

I hope to join and hopefully get to know some of you. Thank you for reading.

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I see you on our server a lot and i always take note because your always the one owning me. I can't wait to see you around more often and hopefully to goof off on teamspeak.

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Welcome! Great to see you posting here.

Funny because I too built my computer a couple months ago and it was my first. Still a little noobish when it comes to terms and specs but slowly learning :)

I played BF2 a little but not much to consider it my first..so BF3 is my first battlefield as well. I played TONS of counter-strike and thats about it.

I'm sure you'll find that we're a lively bunch who like to poke fun here and there but at the end of the day we're one big family. I look forward to playing with you more and talking to you in team speak.

until then, HAVE A GOOD ONE!

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