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This is hard as shit for me to narrow down to 5 games so I'll count trilogies and sequels as one nomination but I'll still give it my best:


5) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2


What an unbelievable job by BioWare and Obsidian with some of the best storytelling and gameplay I've ever seen from a developer. I was enthralled the second I installed it and went through multiple playthroughs.


4) Mass Effect Trilogy


Same thing as above. BioWare has consistently shown their ability to weave intricate and beautiful story-lines with fluidic gameplay that allows for an immersive, almost surreal gaming experience. The character dialogue and missions are entertaining and enjoyable.


3) Elder Scrolls III, IV and V


With over 250 mods and an ENB installed for immersion, graphics and miscellaneous related features, I can't count out this game as the definitive best sandbox game I've ever played. There's over hundreds hours of impressive gameplay that, to this day, set the standard for future games of it's genre. I"ve played thousands of hours of Skyrim alone and I loved every minute of it.


2) League of Legends/World of Warcraft


I needed an extra space so I listed both. Whether you hate or love WoW, you can't deny it's groundbreaking entry into the MMORPG genre. I loved every character I ever created. The PvP in battlegrounds and 2v2's/3's/5's and light raiding was awesome! 


League is very diverse right now and extremely fun to play, especially if you're talented and spend the time to understand the game mechanics and what makes good team comps., etc.


1) hands down Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142


The first game to ever incorporate tanks and planes into the FPS genre (and do it well), these games were fucking amazing. I've spent well over a decade playing Battlefield 1942 and Desert Combat, the best mod I've ever played in a game. Each facet of play has it's own unique workings that fit into a little triangle with air being superior to tanks which are superior to infantry. I'm in love with these three game titles.

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1. Super Mario RPG

2. Xenogears

3. All Suikoden

4. All Tales of games

5. Dynasty Warrior's, Samurai Warrior's, Warrior's Orochi (because they are all part of the same type of series.)

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1- World of Warcraft

I played wow for 10 years and meet some amazing people. The game itself was very fun until the last couple months. This will always be one of my favorite games.

2- Zelda Ocarina of Time

I use to love playing this game just to be at the pond fishing or racing the horde at the ranch. A lot of good times.

3- Any Mario Kart

Mario Kart 64 use to play a lot of racing against my friends. 

4- Any Sonic the Hedgehog 

The first game I ever played was Sonic. Just a classic game.

5- Bomberman 64

Use to own my friends in this game. Played it so much I messed up the game.

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MY top 5 is

1. Mario bros original

2.Halo 1-3


4.command and conquer 3

5.Battlfield Hardline

call of duty can suck it

~to many squeakers

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1- medal of honor allied assault
2- call of duty (vanilla)
3- cod mw2
4- cs go
5- quake 3 arena

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My top favorite games of all time are:

1.Unreal Tournaent 2004

2.Dawn of War

3.Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake eater

4.The Witcher 3

5.Star Wars Battlefront 2

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Top 5


1- Fallout 3 . mind numbing hours played

2- BF3.

3- ARMA, moving right up, endless mods

4- CS:GO , why have I not learned russian yet?

5- mike tyson punch out...  (super nes) long time ago,

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