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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

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Finally decided to register for the forums and kind of unsure what to say, really.
I usually roam on the Metro (with boom booms) server.

Name's Adam, but people just call me Max, Carbine, or M4. I respond to a number of different names though.
I'm 25 and from around St Louis, in Illinois.
Games played: Half-Life (Sven-Coop, Day of Defeat, ESF, The Specialists, Firearms Mod, Counter-Strike), Soldier of Fortune 2, Call of Duty (1 & 4, Black Ops), Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3.

Have been playing with a few of you for a while, notably Obscurah, FirstBlood, Cowman, and Apoc.
Not really sure if I'm looking to join another clan/community again just yet, but getting to know everyone may be a step in that direction.
Can't seem to find a group that I want to stay with for some reason.

Thanks for having me, guys. Much appreciated.

Oh, and thanks Timberock & Nova for protecting my 240B ;) hahaha

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Hey M4X!

I remember playing with you in Metro No Explosives at one point.

Initially people suspected you of potentially playing unfair until we realized you specialized in that specific gun your entire BF3 career lol.

You are the best I have seen with it and keep up the good work.

Looking forward to playing with you in the future bro.

Btw, nice fairytail pic of erza

Good Hunting

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Hey y'all. Been a while since I last posted... Anyone who reads this, just say what you like most about ADK. I'm trying to decide if I want to apply to ADK. All I am aiming for with this new addition to the post, is to better understand ADK, and see why you all joined. I'm a curious one.

I play on the Metro Fast Rank quite often. You can find me dropping ammo crates. Will see you guys in game; look forward to responses if any are given.

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What I like most about ADK is that depending on my mood, I can always find players/friends to play with in different game modes whether it be Metro grinding, or pairing up in the chopper, or mass revives in CQ.. it's just great :)

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Eventho this game is squad/team based. if you play as an individual I found on many servers there is no communication at all.
I joined some of ADK servers and my squad members communicated..then I joined TS and got even more information from them. weapon tips, perk tips...etc..
Joined the website and more and more information again. which is awesome.
Just hanging out in TS can be a blast as well. with so many different poeple, accents, moods....
I am pretty new and can not give you years of my experience but as 1 of the newest members can say it is a great place to be/hang/help at.

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