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Bard, The Wandering Caretaker

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Hello fellow summoners,


Introducing Bard, The Wandering Caretaker



Lore: Rito doesn't care about lore, did you honestly expect something?


Ability Rundown:

Passive is known as Travelers Call and has two functions to it. As you run around there are emblems on the map that will grant Bard exp, movement speed, and mana. These will stack up and allow Bard to ward better and roam better. The second part allows Bard to harass better with his autos as they are enhanced by anomalies known as chimes that he picks up as he moves around.

Q is known as cosmic binding and is a stun mechanic. To get the stun you must hit two targets (in a line) with his q or hit a target and then hit the wall with his q. This can be used to get some early harass in lane or to run away as you ward.

W is known Caretaker’s Shrine and is a heal mechanic. Basically you place the health pack down so allies can pick it up to get a heal and a small movement buff. These can only be picked up by allies and can be destroyed by enemies by them walking over it. Use this spell to give your ADC some hp so you can roam to ward or gank.

E is known as Magical Journey and is a traveling mechanic. This move allows Bard AND EVERYONE ELSE to tunnel through a wall. So in other words if you are running away, just flash, they will chase you through your e and kill you if you don't.

R is known as Tempered Fate and is the holy grail of Bard's kit. This ability is a zhonyas to ANYONE in the area he casts it on. So use this when your team is getting Karthus ulted or wombo combo'd. It is NOT A STUN, so when using this remember they cant be damaged if you hit the enemy with it. It does however give your team time to get there and kill them. I foresee a lot of really nifty plays coming from this ability.


Kit Score- 7/10 All in all this champ has a decent kit but not one that will allow him to dominate the game. He has the potential to make game changing plays but so does every other support. 


Lane Phase- 4/10 His stun mechanic is really his only saving grace here, it allows him to get off some early harass but thats it. Yes he has a heal but its delayed and it can be blocked. His ulty can possibly swing the lane but that requires extreme precision. 


Team-fight Phase: 6/10 His ult and stun can make plays but thats all he has.


Map pressure/warding: 10/10 His passive, q, w, and e make him one of the greatest warding roamers/gankers in the game. 


Role: Rito is stating his defined role as a support.

Probable Role: Support, his only damage mechanic is his passive and q, which is not enough to warrant him anywhere but support.


Link to Riot's original post http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/champion-reveal/bard-wandering-caretaker


Hope to see you all on the Rift!

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this guys has some real troll. with his portal he could help enemies chase allies, or his ult could stop allies so enemies could catch up. but i guess we will see.

if i was a support, i think he would be pretty interesting, too bad i dont really like supp. haha

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Just watched bard in the jungle... seems like with his heal he is a viable jungler... so roaming would be worth it.  just a slightly early slow clear speed... 

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Apparently enemies travel slower through his tunnels, so It's still an option for running away, with the bigger the tunnel, the faster you get out compared to your opponent.  Also the tunnel can apparently be infinite in length, no matter where you put it it always goes all the way through, so it definitely is an escape option.

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So after having played a few games as ADC with a Bard support I can already see a few things that I would avoid doing if at all possible. First is using the portal to go into your jungle from river, I lost count the number of times my support died doing this and getting followed by their the enemy jungler or roaming mid laner. Second using your ult to "save" a low health ally, in a team fight it could make sense, in a 2v2 or 3v3 not so much, simply because from what I have encountered at least, either it doesn't last long enough to remove the damage threat or you catch the damage threat in the ult and cannot remove it anyway.


Now not to say I have not seen some great things done. For instance in one game the Bard used their ult to interrupt the enemy taking dragon, which triggered a team fight in which the dragon was still on the enemy jungler after the ult broke. Using the ult to dive towers was also thrilling. Setting up a portal over a long wall on the other side we had 4 people sitting in a bush waiting.


Seeing how this champion will develop and how people will use him to make plays in the future will be nothing if not exciting.

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He is super good with a team that will roam and bring cc with them. He has quite a lot of chase potential as he can lob his ulty to stall the enemy from retreating. I can see him working really well with lissandra, vi, orianna, hecarim, or really any aoe cc chase teams.

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in my county bard is not a good hero in fact we always like the hero have Control situation be support and MID we like the AP and have alot of attack top must be the tand and JG too

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