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=ADK= Servers Reaching 100k Visitors

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It's been just a little over a year and the =ADK= Gaming Community is about to reach 100k Visitors to our Game Servers! This is a great achievement for us, and I want to thank not only the great members of the Community but also those who spend their time with us here, and make our servers a place where they love to game.

We might do something for our 100k Visitor Mark, but we've still got 2k Visitors left. Although it seems to be creeping up slowly!

If you have any ideas of what you'd like to see us do, just let us know!

So thank you again to all of those who are a part of the =ADK= Gaming Community and those who support us and play on our servers!

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As usual ADK is Rockin!! I think ya'll should start a pool, set aside a small amount of donations each month. When the person that's 100k joins the server,Bells,whistles,Balloons all kinds of Celebratory Commencements on the server and website. Kinda like the 1,000,000,000th customer at the Supermarket, Splash the persons name and All the goodies they received from ADK on the Home page/Front page. Maybe even do a little advertisement on the MOTD/preload ?

Well there's my 2 cent's worth.



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