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Evga 970 FTW review

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So I picked up a EVGA 970 FTW and a EVGA 960 SCC cards. I chose the 970 for my self and the 960 for my son (late christmas present). I found these cards at Microcenter for $350 and $200 after discounts. I choose the 970 over the 980 mainly for price to performance. Both support Directx 12 which I was looking for when Windows 10 releases. I am not a SLI fan as it always has issues BUT my 670's lasted a long time (and still going!) with upgrading a year later for cheap. Granted all said and done the two 670's cost a little more than a single 680. 



These cards come with the EVGA coolers (two whisper quiet fans) advertising up to 400% cooler over the reference cooler. I always page throw the documentation that comes with any of the items I buy, these cards can with a notice postcard size notice that states in red the fans may not come on until they are needed for cooling. And sure enough they don't come on at all when my PC is just sitting idle of small tasks like surfing or coding. When you fire up a game they do rev up yet are very quiet. Temps are around the 80 F for the most part and from the small amount of BF4 testing never got over 90 F.


The 960 only has a six pin power connector while the 970 has 2 six pin power connectors. So power requirements suggest a minimum of 400 watt PSU which is lower and/or same as the 670. Which is amazing. Cards are about the same size and not overly huge considering. They are both double slot but are shorter than the standard ATX mobo width. So should fit in any case.


The difference in the 960 and 970 in game isn't considerable  difference until you get into more demanding games such as COH2 and BF4. So for the gamers playing PS2 and other less demanding games the 960 is perfect. If you can't afford the 980, while I was able to keep my frame rates above 120fps (Only time it would dip was during huge amount of destruction or levelution actions) on the stock high settings with no tearing or other issues what so ever. Most of the time the FPS was above 150 FPS where the 670 (SLI would crash BF4 for the last few months for me) I could average 100 FPS on medium, where the 970 was a steady 150 (I capped the fps to 150). So while not a huge upgrade per say, it is nice and worth the money IMO including future use of Directx 12 soon.

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For my first build i bought a 970 and i have to say that i love it so far.

It can handle any game i throw at it (even the unoptimized pre-alpha games) .

The entire system can handle my crazy gaming hours (7+ hours) and the temp would still remain low.

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