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Greetings and thanks from the [LawZ] Gaming Clan

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hello =ADK= and its members.

My name is Travis and i go under the name [LawZ] I3lindfire within your servers. I'm very much a regular of the FAST RANK server and greatly enjoy the gaming atmosphere your clan has setup. I have nothing but respect for your clan, its members, and rules established. Myself and many of our clan members will continue to keep coming back to your server!

I wanted to say thanks today for the excellent job your administer performed in the FAST RANK server today. There was a clan by the name of [VIP] and its members in game were all glitching/exploiting heavily! I contacted an administrator and informed them of all the offenders. The administrator immediately jumped into action upon request removing all of the members of that clan permanently.

However, the real reason i'm posting this is because additional members of that clan rejoined the server changing their gaming tag to represent the [LawZ] tags, and immediately began to exploit/glitch once again. I found this totally unacceptable/offensive and contacted the same administrator once again to correct the issue. They did and for that im very appreciative. The OutLawZ clan has been around for quite sometime and none of its members would represent the clan in such a way.

Again thanks for the professionalism and maturity shown today and i look forward to gaming with you all.

link to our clan page

my battlelog if intrested

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Hello Travis and welcome :)

Thank you for the compliments I'm sure we are all appreciative and any recognition we get from our current players makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside ;)

It is unfortunate to hear such unruly actions being taken in our servers yet very glad there was in fact an admin to help you out. We will continue to do our best in making your stay enjoyable and fair! Hope to see you around some time blindfire.

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Nice to been you in the forums [color=#646464] [/color][url="http://www.adkgamers.com/user/1057-i3lindfire/"]I3lindfire[/url]

I have played a few games with you in Metro-Explosives but its been quite some time.

Also, I ran into you today while I was punishing the C4 Glitching Trash. :) Thanks for reporting that btw.

I know I greatly appreciate the thanks and comments towards our adminship of our servers.

We like to pride ourselves on keeping our servers clean and running smoothly so that our playerbase can enjoy them to the fullest.

Its a shame that one clan came on and tried ruining things for you guys, they must have been originally Name banned instead of GUID, I will look into that to make sure more GUID bans are occuring than Name.

I like the clan website you have there :P looks great.

Good Hunting, see you on the Battlefield!

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Welcome to the forums! :)

Our admins work hard to insure our servers are hacker free. I'm glad you enjoy playing on our servers, it's complete bullshit there are those types of people out there that like to ruin peoples fun and harass people.

I'm looking forward to gaming with you and the rest of your clan members on our servers.

Great website by the way. :)

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