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Hello everyone ^_^

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Hello people, my name is Jean-Philippe Lafreniere but everyone call me Jordan. I prefeer the name Jordan because my real name is pretty long :P I am kinda young(17), I think I am mature for my age,my last clan was 18+ and they did not see any problem with me since I don't really drink/smoke at all.I live in Quebec,Canada. So, I am a french canadian, I have a different accent and I am sure everyone will find out soon that I have a weird accent. I might not always understand everything but I closely always understand the most important. I played starcraft 2 since the beta, before I was playing TF2 and some korean games ( Mabinogi heroes , Dragon.. ).
Now, I am mostly on BF3 and sometime on sc2. I play most of the time on =ADK= server, I kinda enjoy it and I was looking for a community and I found =ADK=. so I wanted to be part of it. I hope I will be able to meet everyone and have a nice day^^.


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[quote name='Chunsah' timestamp='1332436477' post='22721']
thanks ^^ I will try to be active when I can be :)

Sounds good! :) Don't expect you have to be on every single day, but don't lack in forum activity and server/team speak activity for long periods of time and you should have no problem at all on your application you submitted!

Good luck! :)

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I know :P but I am generally there everyday ^^ I will try to get more on teamspeak when I will be able to speak more, just went to dentist to lose my wisdom teeth so I look kinda like... weird :S

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Welcome jordan and I hope you enjoy your stay :)

we have some other canadians here as well so we won't be to unused to any accent of yours ;)

hope to see you in teamspeak soon and the servers. have a great day!

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Hey there Jordan!

Thanks for taking the time to come onto our forums and visit after being in our servers.

It means a lot to have players in our forums who enjoy our servers as it shows a greater interest :)

Check out Teamspeak if you haven't done so already; its always fun playing with Squadmates who talk back to you.

Good Hunting!

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