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Helllooooooo everybody!

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Hey guys my name is Joe, I'm 18 (almost 19) and currently living in Texas! There's not really that much to know about me, I'm kind of a boring person, haha but I play a lot of games, like BF3 and TF2, as well as lots of other games on Steam, and the occasional few on Origin (oh how I hate origin....) I usually play on =ADK= servers, there's just none like them, the admins do a good job on enforcing the rules, and it's hard to find others like it. ive been looking for a community to join for a while, and this is the first decent one i have found, so hopefully i can get to know everybody here!

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Hey Joe!

Glad to see you stop by the website and posting an introduction. Texas might be in second now for the amount of people on the site in one state. haha

But anyways thanks for the compliments, glad you enjoy the servers. Make sure you share the servers with all your friends and everybody else you talk too! :)

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Hey there Joe!

Thanks again for the donation, we greatly appreciate it!

Also thanks for the compliment on our servers; we do our best to run them clean so our playerbase can enjoy them to the full extent and not have to deal with the bs that is out there.

Hope to play with you in game sometime!

Good Hunting!

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