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Patch 1.05!!!

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 Elite: Dangerous Update 1.05 Change Log
Hi everyone,

update 1.05 is incoming. The servers will be closed at 11am GMT to apply the update and will be down for up to 30 minutes. Here is the change log for this update:

- Fixed crash when launching limpets
- Fixed some system meta data mismatches between client and server
- Memory use improvements and fixes on server
- Fix assert when someone manage to select 'declare bankruptcy' button before UI receives proper data from the game
- Optimise mission template list selection
- When switching servers do not disconnect during the transfer
- Added telemetry for when a player dies to help identify cause of death when players explode near stations
- Added further telemetry to trace failed resource loading
- Fix large quantity missions using "light cargo" text 
- Fix salavage coms lines 
- Correct reputation on abandon branch of pirate missions 
- Fix incorrect destination for massacre branch money collection 
- Fix salvage mission branching 
- Change order of mission contracts in massacre missions 
- Change data that is displayed to players in massacre missions 




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It always amuses me when they have typos in release notes like that; it's not the first time for Frontier. You'd think there would be someone checking that the notes were right and that the list items were correct before posting.


Those crazy Brits. Ready FIRE aim!

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@[member='Valsora / BitterBite'],

What!  Typos!  Not a chance you crazy Aussie!  ; ) Heh!  It's the Queen's English and she'll spell it any which way she likes...  and so will Frontier ...  LOL

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Another minor update seems to be in the offing today as a message came across announcing the shutdown of the servers a short time ago.  Here are the additional notes for this minor hotfix:


Server Updates:

- Fixed some issues that stopped some Commanders logging into the Companion App
- Stopped wars and civil wars in star systems with only 1 minor faction in that state
- Added ship discount to Founders World
- Various reliability and performance improvements

Edit - A hot fix has been applied for a server memory leak.


I logged out for the time being and decided to check the Frontier Forums for more information on the update.  Instead, I found the following post by Michael Brookes, the executive producer, on upcoming changes--looks like the "wings" option will be coming down the pike in March after a short beta test.  Read on...


Development Update - 15th Jan


Hi everyone,


Following up on my post last week I will provide more information on our process moving forwards and dates for the next two major releases. As you’ve seen since the game’s initial release we have issued a number of point updates, the latest being 1.05 this morning. These are typically restricted to urgent and/or low risk changes and will continue on a regular basis as they allow us to respond as we need to. These aren’t scheduled in the same way as the major updates, but will be ongoing.

More significant updates allow us to add new features and content (as well as sweeping up a host of fixes and tweaks that haven’t been deemed suitable for the intermediate point releases).

Currently beta testing will be available for those who already have beta access for the main game. For players participating in the beta tests there will be a separate mechanism for playing so testing does not affect your game and that you can continue to play the retail version as well. Options for players currently without beta access to be able to purchase beta access will be available. Details will be made available nearer the time.

Depending on how the update Betas go in test, we expect them to be released to everyone a week or so after the Beta release.​ 

As you all know we’re also working on paid expansions for the game and these will have their own beta periods as well, we’ll again make details available of how this will work as we near their release.

The first planned significant update will be 1.1 and will enter beta in the first week of February. We’ll be talking next week about how 1.1 will introduce a new way to collaborate with other players in the galaxy in preparation for 1.2’s major Wings update. We have some some good news for planners of long journeys - V1.1 will also have a significant increase in the maximum distance for the route planner. We’re currently looking at extending this to 1,000 light years!

Looking further ahead there will be a 1.2 update which is planned to enter beta testing in the first week of March. The focus for this update will be Wings and other multiplayer goodness. I’ll provide more detail in future updates.



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Beta testing all over again. I wonder how they'll handle accounts.  I assume it will be a completely different "Commander" we'll be flying.  And I'm sure there will be wipes. But all that time would take away from making progress in the live game.  Hm...  :D

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Great read, thank you guys. I am always excited for patching of my new favorite game, it is like Christmas presents many times a year.

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The way I read that letter is interesting but I may be off.  Looks to me like some type of limited grouping system to be tested and hopefully implemented.  Where "Wings" will be the guild/clan system.  This would make sense to me and I hope I am correct.



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My guess is the "Wings" update will enable missions to be accepted by the wing as a whole rather than individuals. I.e. for a mission you might need multiple types of ship to complete a mission, like collecting a cargo with a type 6 and having to run escort duty with the remainder if the wing. Sounds like fun.;-)

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