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YouJustG0tRekt - My Intro

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Hey ADK Folks,


i am regular in #6 server, i live in Phoenix, AZ.


BF4 gaming is my hobby, i would play for like couple of hours on the weekdays and more on weekends.


Due to my work commitments i play less on weekdays, but still 1300+ Hours is not less i guess..


i would to like to join ADK as a member and also as an admin.


ill post my application soon.






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i have a problem in ADK #6 server. When ever my friends join on me or i join on them, i get balanced all the time. it was like 5-6 rounds that i played today were alone and against my friends. 


Am i part of any balancing rule? i have k/d of 2+ in the server.. Does the balancer have rules to move players when they have certain k/d?


i was getting moved pretty much all the rounds i played last. 


i am writing this after very much frustration for getting swapped. I dont see a point hanging on to ADK #6 anymore for me. 


can some one look at this and provide me a solution?


whats the point in playing in a server when none of them can never play with me? 


If there was a balancer change happ recently, its just SUCKS BIG TIME.


Its just my honest opinion.


Hope to talk to some one soon.


And also ps let me know how many still left to complete my TS hours?




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