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So but I throw up an app I thought I would introduce myself, My names Jon (Hueyness- BF3). Currently living at CAFB, Nm. I've been playing Battlefield 3 since Dec, Mostly on the 360 but recently have made the switch to the Pc version. 20 years Old and I have a passion for computers, Though until recently I was ignorant on alot of things, and am still expanding my knowledge on them daily. Taking some programming classes come April.

Most of my gaming Exp come's from MMORpg's, Love them, and still play them. Currently also playing Swtor, use to play WoW for a top 100 us guild <No Reprieve> but that is no more. Think of picking up EQ1 since It went F2P.

Some hobbies, Building computers (Only ever put together 1), Running 5k's and timed 1 mile sprints. Working out, Video gaming, Music Favorite band is The Human Abstract. Married to a gamer, She loves skyrim and swtor, can't get her to touch a FPS though, currently in the process of building her a suitable rig for what she does with my limited budget :( darns Moneyies and keeping me from doing stuffs.

But I hope to play with y'all soon. Best of Luck.

Current Rig:
-I7 960 3.2gz (Used)
-Nvida Geforce 560 Ti(Used)
-Asus x58 Motherboard (Half-price)
-12g 1600mz Ram
-1T HD (Used)
-H-50 Liquid cooling for my processer
-1 120mm Intake
-1 80 Exhaust.

Total cost of that above was less than $500, thank god I had friends that were upgrading their systems and was nice to me and let me get there Old stuff.
Also thing of add a 220m Exhaust and switch the 80m to Intake But Im not to sure atm.

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I signed up yesterday, this is looking like a great community nice build especially for under $500, grab another 560ti on the cheap and run sli, and that thing will be unstoppable for a couple more years. I think you will find between bf3 and steam, your console will feel lonely for a while. my wife is also a MMORPG player. No matter how hard I try I cant pull her from wow or swtor.

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Hey there Jon!

Nice to meet someone else who appreciates computer builds and is not just a console only fan (I play both worlds).

Also, I don't know how you did it, but you made a rare find with that lady of yours :) keep her around!

I wish I could run again but with my college taking most of my life away I hardly have time for 3-4 hours of sleep a night :(

I hope to see you on the Battlefield sometime and hopefully our Teamspeak as well (its fun playing with other s :P)

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Thanks for the warm welcome, and sorry for the late reply. Hope to see yall around.

Sorry to hear about you not getting enough sleep :( that sucks but I know how you feel :( I work nights so if anything during the day wakes me up my body wont let me get back to sleep :/

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