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Greetings from CaptonTypo

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Firstly, yes, that is the way I spell it.

I discovered an ADK server Friday night and subsequently spend the rest of the weekend playing on only ADK servers. I came to check out the site and was pleased to see such a great community of gamers. I then spend my free time at work today between fixing things people had broken (I do I.T. support for a logistics company) poking around the site. Now that I'm home I wanted to say hello to everyone officially.

Hello, my name is Michael and I'm 30 years old (no old jokes please lol). My first game was Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator in 1989 that I played on my dad's 486. Since that day I was hooked. I've played everything from FPS's like Doom, COD, TF2, BF's to MMORPG's like Asheron's Call, WoW, SWTOR. I've been an admin for other servers on other games (however much smaller communities), which always seemed relaxing compared to what I have to deal with at work. The thing that made me like your community so much is the size and helpfulness of everyone. It seems there is always someone online, which in a small community doesn't happen offen. I love all music, however, mostly classic rock. I've always been the person that helps others. That's probably why I do I.T. work lol. Well seems I'm running out of things to say.

It's nice to see such a great community of gamers that's across multiple games, and with so many active members. I look forward to spending more time on the servers and the site. If there is ever something I can do to assist someone, don't hesitate to ask.


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Hello and welcome :)

Glad to know we're doing something right haha ! & you are right about someone always being online, it's almost sad -_-

When you get a chance join us on Team Speak to get to know us better.

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Hey there CaptonTypo!

ehhh...I found myself spelling your name 'Captain' when I first typed this -.-" stupid brain!

In any case, I am glad you have enjoyed our servers thus far.

Our Admins and Founder work hard to keep things running smoothly and efficiently for all players to enjoy.

I hope to see you in a server sometime, I am not on much nowadays since its spring break, but you should be able to find me in TeamSpeak which I HIGHLY encourage you to check out :)

What better way to help improve an aspect of your gameplay than by actually talking to your squad and not typing things that the mindless drones don't understand or read! xD

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ive seen you in our no explosives server :) your a pretty good sniper! every time i went any where near left side of ticket booth. BOOM im dead lol thank god for revives!

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lol, thanks man. It's funny you say that, because you killed me a bunch as well. At one point it seemed like every time I came around my corner, there you were waiting on me. :)

Well, you won't have to worry about my snipping for a while. Maxed out that class and have moved on to Assault. This is the down side of moving back to the PC, you have to start over. I tried playing on the 360 for around 9 months, but found I didn't enjoy it as much.

I'm sure I'll run into you some more.

*edit for typo, go figure lol. Edited by CaptonTypo

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