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NFL fans?!

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Who is your favorite team? Did they make it to the playoffs? 


My team is the Cowboys.....who made it to the second round of the playoffs and lost. But hey! they had one of the best seasons they've had in a long time!!!!! being a fan even when they lose!!!!!

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for the pro's im gonna have to roll with the cardinal's or the chief's, but honestly i mostly follow the players who went to the nfl from my college team

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This years NFL is just plain old dumb.  There's 4 teams that matter.


Green Bay

New England




Of those teams, I cheer for Green Bay, but I feel like Arizona is the true power house.  The Jets have the strongest Defense thus far in the league from what I've had a chance to watch *I get to watch a lot cause I always work on Football days meaning all the big screens are up :)*  As for the strongest offense, it is Arizona by miles.  New England is the closest in the league to a second and that is only because right now Tom Brady is proving himself to be a god amongst men, and they have had an easy starting schedule.  He is hands down the best QB in the league atm.  It isn't even a question, but overall Arizona has the scariest offense in the league.  Their point spread is close to +100.


People think the Falcons have a good team, and they will prob make the playoffs but their schedule has been too easy so far.  Same thing with Carolina and Denver.


Cincinnati hasn't had the hardest schedule but they did manage to beat the Seahawks which are a perfectly viable team.  Their game has been a little on the weak side at the start of this season but they are not a team to be taken lightly.


I think in the coming weeks we will see what really is in store for us.  The Jets have a fairly simple schedule ahead with only the Pats showing up on their upcoming games twice.  I don't see the Jets winning either of these games, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them go into the post season with only 4 losses.  Same thing with New England.  The only team I see on there schedule who might make a surprise upset would be the broncos, but don't be surprised to see them enter the post season hungry to finish what they started a few years back at the run for the perfect season.


Green Bay on the other hand has a few challenges, they have the Cardinals, the Bears, the Chargers, and the Broncos to overcome.  Bears may not be the best team in the league, but if you got a chance to watch the first game of the season there was a lot of room for a change in the pace of the game.  I'm going to go ahead and predict just two losses going into post season.  The Bengals on the other hand have a more difficult season ahead of them as I think they are the weakest of the four power houses.  Anything could happen when they play the Steelers.  Benny the Pedophile hurt himself and the all mighty Dog Fighter is stepping back onto the field.  He hasn't had a chance to prove himself yet this season and I'm interested to see what he has in store for Pittsburgh.  They have two games against each other as well as fighting off the Cardinals, Denver, and a few other teams whom I think have a good chance at beating them.


Finally we get into the all powerful Cardinals.  They've gotta beat the Seahawks twice, Green Bay, Cincinnati, and they get the first go at Pittsburgh under Vick this upcoming week.  I doubt Vick pulls in a Win, but give him a few weeks to get his sh*t together, and you'll see the Steelers either quickly turn into a powerhouse, or whither away with Vick's age and fading skill.


My predictions this year are the following:


Round 1:

New England - By

Cincinnati - By

New York Jets -> Pittsburgh Steelers

Denver Broncos -> Indianapolis Colts


Round 2:

New England -> New York Jets

Cincinnati -> Denver Broncos


Round 3:

New England -> Cincinnati




Round 1:

Green Bay - By

Arizona Cardinals - By

Seattle Seahawks -> Carolina Panthers

Atlanta Falcons ->New York Giants


Round 2:

Arizona Cardinals -> Seattle Seahawks

Green Bay -> Atlanta Falcons


Round 3:

Arizona Cardinals -> Green Bay



Arizona Cardinals -> New England Patriots


Tom Brady goes 16-1 again.  That's my official prediction, with the Cardinals winning the bowl ending with the exact same record.

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Big chicago bears fan here . football sliped to my number 3 sport behind Baseball and hockey now but i still watch it everyweek , just don't know the rosters of all the teams like i do baseball ....


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