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Hello ADK Community

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Hello to everyone in ADK, My ign is ZombieWolf in most of the games or ussually Patacon_ve, i have been playing games since i was young played but never joined a community this big so this is a first time for me.

I've played a lot on different ADK servers since TF2 but  never gave a try to play with you people so I'm here to play with everyone and ptfo with you. As of now i'm playing:

Battefield Bad Compay 2

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 4




Well I kind of a lone wolf while playing but i pay attention to my team needs and give all the support i can to everyone there, I hope to meet many of you in game and spend some quality time chatting and shooting a lot xD


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Thank you all for your welcoming words, I'll be active on weekend as I started the University it would be hard for me to play normally, but as soon as I can I'll log into TS and start some shooting mostly in Battlefield and TF2

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