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Server Payments

Server Payments

Goal starts 01/06/2013 and ends 02/01/2013
This is the donation goal for January but we are starting it early since we did meet last months goal! Great job everyone. Every donation helps, even if it's not for the current month. Having a surplus of money helps the stability of the community for the long run. Thanks again!
  • 14 Donations

  • $524.36 of $500.00 goal reached.


  1. $193.90
  2. $33.68
    Minecraft Upgrade
  3. Guest


    Server Payments


    Minecraft server.
  4. $4.55
  5. $4.50
  6. $4.50
    DayZ Server
  7. $47.75
  8. Guest


    Server Payments


  9. $23.97
  10. $23.97

  • Donation Goals

    ADK Donations

    If you enjoy playing on our ARK and/or Minecraft Servers please consider a small donation to help keep them running!  Or if you just have enjoyed your time here, your donation can will help keep the community running. Remember Every little bit helps.


    Thank you.

    $626.00 of $3,360.00 goal reached.
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