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  2. ah thanks funky. it means a lot to titan and I aswell that you guys show up every friday with beers in hand ready to have a good time.... i look forward to lots more mfriday nights with y'all. if it werentfor yall i prob wouldnt even play this game any more lol
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  4. Hello !!! :)

    nice to meet you Mr. Phan...never seen you before.... only jk ha haha
  5. Hello !!! :)

    Hello everyone! I am Nick. I live in Georgia. I am a full-time student. I have joined the ADK Discord last December but I only try to become a forum member now. I mostly play Overwatch. Nice to meet you guys

    Welcome, thanks for joining!
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  8. Overwatch Fun for March 2019

    Yea, feelsbadman lol
  9. Wassup Everyone!

    Weclome and enjoy
  10. New Wipe!

    I am currently online in our EFT channel. I have done some raids in the new wipe for the first time as of last night with Ajax (my eldest son). Bots are a bit changed so that requires some adjustments and of course in addition to new skill and behaviours some of them also have changed routines. otherwise the changes to SKS and the overall radical increase in recoil are pretty huge. Feel free to contact me in our discord server or here by PM.
  11. Hello

    Welcome to the community! What games do you like to Play?
  12. [Game Channel Requests] for [Consoles]

    I have created the text channel. If it does not see use it will be deleted.
  13. Game Channel Request Space-Engineers

    Just an FYI for ya Spook, the form for channel requests lives over here. For future ref.
  14. Just needed the chat added, Naru already got it for us since the site was down. Just goooooing through the motions. Thank you and the end...fin....bye bye now.
  15. JoyFreak here!

    Welcome aboard! I hope you have fun here.
  16. What are you reading now?

    I read fuuka manga on mangazuki. This is one of the best.
  17. Online Events/Bonuses: 4/04 - 4/10

    Money & RP Events: Motor Wars Adversary Mode - TRIPLE GTA$ & RP Vehicle Vendetta Adversary Mode Hunting Pack (Remix) Adversary Mode Bunker Sales & Research - 25% boost Active Discounts: HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Custom – 40% off Ocelot Stromberg – 40% off HVY APC – 40% off Nagasaki Street Blazer – 40% off Rhino Tank – 40% off Mobile Operations Center – 40% off Mobile Operations Center Bays and Renovations – 40% off Bunkers – 30% off Bunker Add-Ons and Renovations – 30% off Hangars – 30% off Hangar Workshop – 30% off Other Unlocks/Mini-events: Black Coil Cap - Log on anytime this week Premium Race: Arms Race (Super) - 4/9 - 4/10 Time Trial: Cypress Flats For more information on all the latest GTA Online bonuses, head to the Social Club Events page.
  18. Here is the Voting Tally for March! Thank you to those who voted! Every vote counts and helps us bring in new players! In April please vote for Olympus. Extinction, and Ragnarok. The more focused our voting is the more chances players will find our servers! Remember over 45 votes will get you an ascendant saddle blue print in game and top 3 can get an ascendant TEK Saddle! https://www.adkgamers.com/vote Name: Ragnarok Island Aberration Scorched The Center Olympus Extinction Totals @VeeVee 26 26 26 78 @CrankyGrandma 26 25 26 77 @Dakkon 17 18 17 52 @Feisty 10 10 10 30 @CaGregorio 7 1 6 7 21 @SGCrazyman 6 2 6 4 18 Cedwick 4 1 2 4 11 @DMSpooky 1 2 1 4 Wahsmir 1 1 1 3 Sqrrlbot 1 1 1 3 @MavRoc 1 1 1 3 Dim 1 1 1 3 Arsalyn 1 1 1 3 Phedra 1 1 2 Blackhawk 2 2 PerkyTits 1 1 ArcaneVixen 1 1
  19. Ultimate Money Guide - WIP

    Your one-stop shop for making money in GTA: Online! Are you tired of seeing something you want and never have the money to buy it? Are you a new player or new to grinding and don't know where to start? Are you stuck doing heists with randoms who are absolute garbage? Look no further! This is an extensive WIP guide on how to make money starting from the bottom with no businesses. 1: Money for businesses Ok so you don't have any money or businesses i.e. new player. I'm not gonna lie, it's going to be a long road ahead. Your priority is getting an executive office building ($1M) and a vehicle warehouse ($1.5M). But how does one get that kind of money? Contact Missions Each mission pays about $20k on average. Be sure to play them on Hard. You can actually make more on a mission the longer it takes, so take your time! Best paying ones are from Martin/Lester, and sometimes Ron - most of these are more complicated (A Titan of a Job, The Los Santos Connection, Trash Talk). Easier missions come from Simeon/Gerald, but pay doo-doo - especially Simeon. VIP Work Sightseer/Headhunter Done in freemode. You do not need to have an executive building (Register as VIP), but you are going to need $50k in your account. IT DOES NOT COST MONEY TO REGISTER. It's basically just a credit check. Takes about 5 min and makes about $22k on average for each one. VIP statuses last for 4 hours of Freemode play with a 12 hour cooldown. Time spent in Jobs or Heists do not decrease your VIP timer. We'll talk about CEOs later. Become a bodyguard/associate You receive a $5k paycheck every 15 minutes and increases with each paycheck up to $10k, as long as your CEO doesn't die. Every sell mission your CEO completes, you automatically receive a paycheck with a raise. Saving Money This is the biggest challenge for everyone. Do not waste money on clothes, cars, and other cosmetics until you have a stable source of income. Must you absolutely need a certain vehicle like the Armored Kuruma, wait for a sale if you can. The Special Carbine is the only gun you need. It's available at Level 1 and is the best against NPCs. Consider the Machine Pistol for your drive-by weapon, but replace with the AP Pistol ASAP (Level 33). Leaving cushions/creating a threshold and other real life methods of saving money and can be applied in-game! But wait, what about heists??? It all boils down to your skill and how long the heist takes as a whole. If you or another crew member is constantly dying/failing, the final payout is not worth the amount of time spent. The only heist with a decent payout is the Pacific Standard, but just like any other heist, it requires extensive teamwork, coordination and above all, skill. Only play with people you trust and never with randoms. Hosting heists are nice however if you want trade prices on certain Warstock vehicles for the future such as the Hydra. 2: Import/Export By now, you should hopefully have the Maze Bank West Executive Office (NOT THE TOWER) and the La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse. Do not worry about the crate warehouses at this time. This is a method used by the YouTuber TheProfessional. I use this one because it's the most solo-friendly method. Other methods with more people will be explained later. The Buzzard Attack Chopper is a great investment and will be your best friend, but is not required by any means. 1. First of all, you’re going to want to register as a CEO. Unlike a VIP, you can be a CEO for as long as you want. Now start off by doing either Headhunter or Sightseer from the VIP work menu. It does not matter which you choose because you’ll be doing the next one later. These 2 jobs are the easiest and you get a decent $20-$24k. 2. Once you complete said VIP work, source a vehicle from your office computer. If you're just starting out with vehicles, you'll be getting some standard range and mid range. Do not sell these ones; only the top range cars. Your goal is to keep 10 standard and 10 mid range vehicles. After that, you'll only source top range vehicles, so you can maximize profit. 3. After sourcing your top range car, you want exit the warehouse and start the other VIP work - whichever one you didn't do last time. For instance, if you started with Headhunter, you'll be doing Sightseer (since Headhunter will be on cooldown) and vice versa. You're not selling your top range right away. Why? Read the next step: 4. After completing that work, go back to your Vehicle Warehouse and sell that top range car you sourced earlier. You want to select the third option for $100k minus $20k to modify (so $80k profit). The $20k+ you made from your VIP work will cover the commission cost. So now you sold that car and got $100k or less depending if you damaged the car. Nice. Repeat steps 1-4 for as long as your little heart desires. Tips: Start Headhunter in the city and not the country. Targets in the country will be spread out everywhere from Sandy Shores to Paleto Bay. The city keeps the targets close together like a nice happy little family. Stealing a jet from the military base and using it's meme beam cannons is a nice alternative for non-Buzzard owners. If you end up in a populated session when selling your vehicle, try to make the vehicle standard looking. This helps if you plan to use Ghost Organization (Interaction Menu > CEO > CEO Abilities) or Off-the-radar (call Lester). Don't add crazy colors, Xenon/Neon Lights, or all that jazz cause you'll stick out like a sore thumb. Try to keep a couple of backup top range cars in case you get griefed. Don't horde top range cars though - you'll end up getting standard/mid range again. You can even ask some people to help sell multiple cars for more profit, which leads me to say; Never never EVER be afraid to ask other crew members for help - that's what we're here for. CaGregorio and myself own Buzzards if you want weaponized transport for VIP work. Don't be a stranger to our Discord! 3: Bunker Your next investment is the bunker (Maze Bank Foreclosures). The gunrunning business ran from this property is one of the passive producers while you do other activities such as the Import/Export method. I highly recommend the bunker that's the furthest south next to the Western Highway - Chumash Bunker ($1.650M). This will make sell missions much easier. You will need to complete the set up mission first. You'll start off with a full batch of supplies. If you were smart and left yourself a nice cushion when buying the bunker, you'll want to upgrade Equipment ($1.155M) and Staff ($598k). Don't worry about the Security since you probably won't be filling stock to 100%. Now onto suppling/selling. Don't have money for upgrades? Steal supplies with at least 1 other person. Sell at around 25% stock. Again, have another person with you! You'll fill supplies much faster. Have both equipment/staff upgraded? Buy supplies. If you start out with 0% stock and buy 1 batch of supplies, it will produce get just enough stock for 1 delivery vehicle. You may choose to produce more stock for better profit, but bring along an additional body. With an upgraded bunker, 1 batch of supplies will produce $140k in stock, which you can sell to LS for $210k. You'll also receive a 1% bonus for every player in the lobby. Selling in a full session can give you a 30% bonus added to your $210k (an additional $63k!). Why buy supplies? So you can do other things while your bunker is producing. You won't make money while stealing supplies and that's time wasted from doing other things to make money. You can make the $75k back from just 1 round of the Import/Export method. ========== More to come. Stay tuned ==========
  20. Online Events/Bonuses: 3/28 - 4/03

  21. It's RAW

  22. Most Recent Notes: March 21 All Servers: The Auto decay period for structures has been reduced on all servers EXCEPT Aberration, Extinction and Scorched Earth Previously (Before extinction release) we didn't use auto decay, structures would become demolishable by players at a rate of two times default (Roughly 14 days for wood, and 21 days for stone) This allowed players to return with plenty of time to reclaim their structures if they had to be away. The release of extinction changed something and structures were no longer becoming demolish-able meaning that the only people on the server who could remove abandoned structures were admins. - As a fix I implemented the auto demolish timers at twice the rate of our decay timer (Meaning 28 days for wood and 42ish for stone) Its become clear that this is not going to work for servers like Ragnarok, and the auto demolish timer is reduced to the original double rate we allowed before extinction patch broke the player allowed demolish. This change will not be applicable to Aberration, Extinction and Scorched as these are servers that players are less likely to main, and set up as farming hubs that may not need to be visited as often (They are lower population servers anyways so there are less structures littered there)' Fast decay of unsnapped core structures (Foundations and pillars) should now properly be enabled. - I missed a check box, im a nub. Basically this means don't pillar or foundation spam. The server restart schedule is being changed to daily at 4:00 am CST Wild Dino wipes will remain on restart - I know I told people that I was going to change it when I changed the server restart schedule, but it turns out that the 72 hour timer starts on server start, and were restarting every 24 hours, so a wild dino wipe would never happen. Added RCON Shaming for people who wait for the 1 minute mark to log off for an update. Every time a dino wipe happens, the server will leave behind wild beehives, but kill all the tamable bees inside. Players were coming across instances of upwards of 65 beehives in a single spawn. Admins will be executing a command to removed the beehives hopefully once or twice a week, maybe less on the lower population servers. If you are having an issue on some of our lower population servers and would like the hives removed for you, please notify an admin in Discord. Ragnarok: Dino spawns are back to normal after our attempts to correct some of the server lag Reducing the dinosaur spawns to 50% did not have enough effect on the server to warrant changing We hope that the above destruction of bee hives and the daily restarts will correct a lot of the issue. Added back the Multiple Unicorn allowed .ini option This was something that slipped through the cracks when we swapped over to the new box last year I would not hold my breath on this working however as a lot of people of the internet claims that it no longer works. If this is the case we may have to implement a rule disallowing unicorns to remain out unless breeding raising or using. =( Olympus: Fixed the crafting cost of speed saddles so that players are not required to mind-wipe into full weight to craft the material needed to make the saddles Reduced cost of special item, increased amount of special item required per saddle, overall cost has stayed pretty much the same. NOTE: At time of posting some of the changes posted may only take effect as of next restart. Restarts are scheduled daily at 4:00 am CST
  23. Grand Theft Auto V Section

  24. ADKG Crew Rules and Etiquette

    ADKG (ADK Gamers) is a crew dedicated to money grinding whether it's heists, freemode CEO/MC businesses, missions, etc. Our goal is to help others make money and be a successful criminal in the GTA universe (You know, the whole point of the game...). We are not griefers/tryhards. With that being said, we hold a certain expectation when wearing the ADKG tag: Follow all ADK rules and bylaws. Use common sense. NO GRIEFING OTHERS No panhandling. No posting of any software, cheats, programs, auto tools. Modders/hackers will be ADK banned. No exceptions/appeals. NO HARASSING OR TROLLING FELLOW ADK MEMBERS. IF ASKED TO STOP, THEN STOP. Do not talk over/step on other people in voice. Multiple offenses will result in being moved or muted. Be respectful. Below is a detailed explanation of our core rules and certain phrases commonly used 1.) Griefing Killing others for literally no reason - you see this occur all the time in game. 2 or more parties may consent to combat Destroying other organization's supplies/cargo/product. You are authorized for deadly force against randoms that destroy your stuff. Give 'em hell. 2.) Panhandling Asking modders for money. This is considered discussion of cheats, which is not allowed. 3.) Modder Basically a hacker. Using mod menus period. It does not matter whether good or bad, it is an illegitimate method. 4.) Harassing/Trolling Being a general nuisance - blocking paths, ragdolling, wasting others' time and time is money. RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY POINT. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP UPDATED. STAFF DECISIONS ARE FINAL AND ARE NOT TO BE ARGUED WITH. Failure to follow any rules either written or verbal will result in punishment up to denial of access to the GTA section of ADK.
  25. [Let's Get This Game Going] for (Satisfactory)

    Lots of Early Access info! Localisation, save files, balancing, Early Access release time (spoiler: #5pmGMT) + more. Also Content Creators, a lot of info in here for you too. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  26. The Patch is live. You may have some scattered issues with trying to get into Labs, and there are a few scattered off and on problems with hangs on other maps. This is already being looked at. The 11.5 patch notes final is here: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/95384-patch-01152753/ Huge improvement in quality of life for things like Trader filter system, loads of AI changes, loot spawn locations, and freeze/performance work.
  27. Dakkon's Intro

    Ty all for the welcomes lol i know its a bit late
  28. Howdy!

    You are the man. Welcome and glad you're here!!!
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