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  4. Eclipse 3 Server info on Keens forums http://forum.keenswh.com/threads/eclipse-server-survival-persistent-conquest-nanites.7386031/ Eclipse 3 Server Information List of Modified material added into the server: RB Large Drills Encased Gyroscope Letters Mod Stone Crusher Helicarrier Thruster MK II Station Shields Automatic Ore Pickup Squeegy for windows and camera Build info- Extra Block Information Ship Core RB Cargo Container Transporter VCZ Small Ship Assembler VCZ Small Ship Refinery Maglock Surface MKII Large Solar Panel Big Solar Panel Mid Space Ship Speed 250L Stairwell Conveyor Expansion; Armored Hatch Kolt - Command Console Pack Aerodynamic Airlock Block Compact Antenna Concrete Tile Blocks DK Overhaul DK Slim Connectors Gravity Collector OI-Moon Slope LCD Panels Stone Grinder TVSI - Tech Expediter Jump Drive Medical Lock TVSI Hangar Doors Weaver’s Laser Welders OCD - Balanced Compact Storage Tanks Frontier Economy Frontier Conquest Eclipse 3 Server Block Limits Per Grid Limits: 2 Jump Drive 2 Drill 4 Grinder 4 Welder 4 Of any Tanks 6 Fixed Guns (any type) 6 Missile/Rocket Launcher 6 Missile Turret (includes Quad 50mm and 230mm Battery turrets) 10 Gatling Turret (anything that aims and isn't a Missile Turret or Interior Turret) 10 Decoy 10 Solar Panel 10 Gyroscope 10 Virtual Mass Block 10 Gravity Generator 75 Thruster 6000 Blocks TOTAL *Using connectors or landing gear to attach two or more ships together to bypass these limits is forbidden; if I catch you doing this I won't hesitate to ban you.* Per Player Limits: (additional blocks cannot be turned on) 4 Refinery (any type) 4 Assembler (any type) 4 Programmable Block 12 Missile Turret (includes Quad 50mm and 230mm Battery turrets) 20 Gatling Turret (anything that aims and isn't a Missile Turret or Interior Turret) 1 Projector *No limit on interior turrets but they cannot target grids.* *REMEMBER TO PUT A SHIP'S CORE ON ALL BUILDS OR IT WILL GET DELETED* *A MAXIMUM NUMBER OF 10 SHIPS CORES CAN BE BUILT* Info on Zenduin’s Frontier Conquest *This is an in-depth-guide on how to configure and use my "Frontier Conquest" space engineers workshop mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=692171157 This mod was written for the public dedicated PvP server that I run called Eclipse. Connect to it with: steam://connect/eclipseserver.space or by adding eclipseserver.space to your favorite servers via steam.* This Conquest mod is entirely in-game and does not require SESE or anything special except adding it to your mod list and optionally configuring it in game with slash commands. This mod was written for my server: Eclipse Feel free to stop by! Just add to favorites in steam using eclipseserver.space (no website) For those unfamiliar with Conquest game mode: Your primary objective is to obtain points by establishing conquest bases to "conquer" territory on planets, moons, and asteroids. Every (30 minutes, configurable) each person is given victory points (and item rewards if configured) for each conquest base depending on the territory it conquers (different amount of points for each, configurable), how far it is broadcasting (how easily it is seen, configurable), and how long it has been active (configurable). More information can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=824445758
  5. New form submission has been received. View form here: Name: CptnCrunch Form: H1Z1 Server White List Application    
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  7. New form submission has been received. View form here: Name: Soap91 Form: H1Z1 Server White List Application    
  8. New form submission has been received. View form here: Name: KernalSpicyWeiner Form: H1Z1 Server White List Application    
  9. With the second day of the ELEAGUE Atlanta 2017 Major behind them, some teams are already eyeing a playoff spot while others regroup and try to gain momentum. Navi, Gambit, SK and Virtus.Pro started their campaigns with some dominating wins. OpTic, FlipSid3, North and HellRaisers will need to bounce back in a big way to keep their hopes alive. Watch the action unfold on GOTV or on Twitch. Day three gets underway at 10am EST (4:00 PM CEST). View the full article
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  11. Fixed portrait spell casting Fixed being unable to hover over stats while dead Fixed various UI alignment issues at high resolutions Fixed visual overlay with Guides on Talent Tree View the full article
  12. Greetings Citizens Greetings Citizens, Now that the 2.6.1 schedule is out, we are moving forward and focusing on making 2017 an epic year! It’s pretty busy around here while development focuses on the major milestones being laid out. If you have not seen the updated production schedule – you can check check it out here! For the Community Team, we are also preparing, refining, and building processes to ensure we are best equipped to be able to deliver interesting content to all of you. In the coming weeks we’ll be premiering a fun show that focuses on highlighting one of our favorite aspects of the Star Citizen Universe: YOU! No, not you. YOU. Yes, YOU! Stay tuned for more information on that soon. With that, let’s take a look at this week! On Tuesday, the Lore Team will release another installment in one of their many continuing series. The Star Citizen Universe is rich with history and a past/future worth exploring. If you find yourself easily immersed in a good story, fascinated by the design of Star Citizen, or just hungry for more information, these posts are made for you! You can also browse previous posts here. On Wednesday, we’ll be exploring the Helios System alongside our resident Archivist, Cherie Heiberg, in an all new episode of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Around the Verse has returned to its regular schedule. If you want to stay in the loop or deep dive the development of Star Citizen with us, you won’t want to miss the second episode of 2017! You can catch these on our website, or our Official YouTube Channel. Last Friday we went live on Twitch and YouTube for our second Star Citizen Happy Hour alongside guest streamer GrayHeadedGamer and Technical Director Sean Tracy. We had a great time hanging out with the two of them and are really enjoying the fun combination of game-play and guests from the community. Additionally, Sean Tracy took the time to explain the often misunderstood Megamap feature, scheduled to arrive in Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.2. If you want to learn more about this exciting new feature, you can catch the replay on our Official YouTube channel. A huge perk of doing these shows live is that you never know who might stop by.. Make sure to tune in at 10am PST, 6pm UTC at twitch.tv/starcitizen to catch this week’s show! Lastly, this Saturday, Community Managers Jared Huckaby and myself will be traveling to San Antonio, TX for PAX South. Keep an eye out for us! We may have some cool goodies to give away. ;) Additionally, we’re very excited to meet many of you for the first time at the community organized Bar Citizen event Saturday night! You can find more info about this meetup here. That’s all for this week, we’ll see you in the ‘Verse! Tyler “Zyloh” Witkin Community Manager The Weekly Community Content Schedule TUESDAY, JANUARY 24TH, 2017 Weekly Lore Post (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch) WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25TH, 2017 Loremakers Guide to the Galaxy (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) THURSDAY, JANUARY 26TH, 2017 Around the Verse (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) FRIDAY, JANUARY 27TH, 2017 Star Citizen Happy Hour @ 10am PST / 6pm UTC (http://twitch.tv/starcitizen) RSI Newsletter Community Spotlight: January 23rd, 2017 – Screenshot Citizen This week’s theme is “Screenshot Citizen.” No matter where you go.. the forums.. the Community Hub.. Social Media.. you have most likely seen a massive influx of beautiful screenshots in the Star Citizen Universe. Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 brought an abundance of new camera controls, empowering creative citizens to capture stunning moments in the ‘Verse, and we couldn’t be more excited! Below you will find a few that stood out to us as being especially epic. Don’t forget to check the Community Hub for more and upvote your favorites. You just might see them here in the near future. Visit the Community Hub Vanguard Hoplite by ChrisGoingSpace We frequently see screenshots of environments, exteriors, and characters. ChrisGoingSpace has gone the route less traveled and successfully captured a stunning shot of the interior of a Vanguard Hoplite that makes many of us question what our favorite ship actually is. Nailed it! Port Olisar Ring by AwesomeAD The last time I saw the ring this close was upon a take-off gone wrong.. AwesomeAD has captured a perspective of the ring interior at Port Olisar that most people don’t explore, and you can’t help but get excited about the potential exploration that the Star Citizen Universe will offer. Great shot! Human Meets Sabre by Hasgaha Hasgaha is back to regale us with another epic screenshot, this time highlighting an interaction between the Aegis Sabre and a human. This shot really stands out as a unique moment, capturing an untold narrative. Fantastic stuff as always Mr. Hasgaha. Keep em’ coming! You can check our more of Hasgaha’s beautiful screenshots here! Xi’an Scout by Aelanna-Tesla Aelanna-Tesla managed to capture this beautiful shot of a Xi’an Scout blasting past Cellin. The only word that appropriately describes this shot.. EPIC! Thank you Aelanna-Tesla for helping me choose my new desktop wallpaper. We hope to see more of your work make its way to our Community Hub soon. View the full article
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  14. In the opening week of the NA LCS, FlyQuest defied expectations with two convincing wins over Team EnVyUs and Team Liquid. Currently tied for first place after Week 1 alongside Cloud9, FlyQuest and former C9 support Daerek "LemonNation" Hart spoke to Yahoo Esports' Travis Gafford about his return to the LCS. "I'm glad to be back," LemonNation said. "It's been a year since I've played in the LCS. I played Challenger last split, but it's nice to be back." The longtime Cloud9 support originally retired from professional play after the 2015 World Championship, becoming Cloud9's head coach shortly afterwards. LemonNation subsequently joined Cloud9 Challenger, which was later purchased by Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wesley Edens and rebranded to FlyQuest after the team qualified for the 2017 NA LCS spring split. But LemonNation did not decide to re-enter the NA LCS until several months after C9C qualified. "For the first few months after we got in I wasn't really sure what I was doing," LemonNation said. "And I was kind of really bored. And it kind of seemed nice to go back and play again." Coinciding with LemonNation's return to the LCS is Riot's implementation of a new 10-ban system for all professional play. It's a change that LemonNation likes due to increasing the diversity of champions being played and forcing teams to come up with new strategies. "I mean, I really like it," LemonNation said. "It bring a lot of opportunities to target ban certain roles or players, so you kind of really have to have pocket picks and things like that. And it opens up champ pools a lot. I think in the past you could get away with playing five champs maybe and you could be completely fine if you master five champs. Now you really have to spread out, and if you don't, you could easily get destroyed in pick-ban." You can watch the full interview here. Preston Dozsa is a news editor for theScore esports whose journalism idol is Dino Ghiranze. You can follow him on Twitter. Copyright © 2017 Score Media Ventures Inc. All rights reserved. Certain content reproduced under license. View the full article
  15. Despite a kicking off the season with an 0-2 loss against Cloud9, Team SoloMid are still shaping up to be a top contender this split. After defeating Immortals 2-1 in their second set of the season, Soren "Bjergsen" Bjerg spoke with Yahoo Esports's Travis Gafford and admitted that C9 had a better grasp on the meta. "C9 just seemed better prepared," said Bjergsen, citing C9's grasp of the 10-ban drafting system as a major strength. "We went with what we felt was strongest and I think C9 had a better read on the meta." With the new ban system throwing regional metas out of whack, Bjergsen stated that a lot of pressure will fall on the coaches both during scrims and on stage. "It's mostly on the coaches to master the draft system," he said. "I think we still overpower a lot of teams in terms of our individual skill, and in scrims that's often what happens." All in all, Bjergsen looks favorably on the new ban system and how it has affected competitive play, despite losing to C9 in part due to their mastery of the new system. "It puts you in a position where you might have to whip out a champion that you haven't really been practicing or have never played before," said Bjergsen. "I think it's going to show a lot of who can play these Champions without a lot of practice and who has a deep enough Champion pool." Bjergsen still believes that with further practice, TSM will stay a top team. To him, the key to success lies in further scrim practice against stronger teams. "I think we have a pretty solid base, but we've kind of had trouble finding the best scrim partners because C9 and IMT were the teams we were facing," he said. "I think these are really good teams and teams that we want to be scrimming, but we weren't able to. So I think going back, watching these replays and getting to scrim these really strong teams again will improve us." Many fans were quick to jump on WildTurtle's case, doubting TSM's choice to resign him in place of Doublelift last year, but Bjergsen strongly disagreed with those criticisms. "[C9] played better, honestly, they were just the much better team in the series," said Bjergsen. "We had a loss. I haven't read any reddit comments, twitter comments, but don't crucify Turtle. It is not his fault. Turtle was not the reason we lost today and there's just a lot of things we have to work on." Kristine "Vaalia" Hutter is a news editor and resident wild turtle hunter for theScore esports. You can find her on Twitter. Copyright © 2017 Score Media Ventures Inc. All rights reserved. Certain content reproduced under license. View the full article
  16. Due to issues with his P1 athletic visa, Team EnVyUs were unable to play with newly acquired jungler Nam “LirA” Tae-woo in their first NA LCS matches of 2017 and kicked off the new year with an 0-2 record theScore esports sat down with nV top laner Shin “Seraph” Woo-yeong after the team;s loss to Flyquest to talk about the team's first week, why they signed LirA, and his outlook on nV’s lineup this split. How do you feel about your first performance this split? It’s honestly super frustrating. LirA can’t play. He was in NA a couple of days ago, then went back to Korea, then he comes back to NA, so even before we couldn’t scrim with LirA for this so we’ve been using a jungle sub. Now, we play with Alex and Ninja jungle. Next week, LirA will come around Friday, so we probably can’t scrim with LirA the entire week again so we might be messed up until Week 2. So, I tried to just hold my mental and tried to keep calm. Last split, your team was known for having an all Korean top side and an all NA bot side. This continues this split once LirA arrives. Is there any specific reason for this setup? There’s nothing special about it. It’s more because you can only use two import slots and honestly there’s not as many resources for NA resident junglers so jungle is usually imported. Ninja is a good mid laner and over eighty percent of mid laners in LCS are imported so both mid and jungle are usually imported so I don’t think it’s super special. The special thing is only that I don’t use an import slot. It’s kind of similar to Dignitas right now I think since Keane doesn’t use a standard import slot so it just ends up being triple Korean. And compared to the other lanes I think NA has some good resources bottom lane. Was there any reason you chose LirA specifically and what are the differences between his playstyle and Procxin’s? There was a really long time before the start of the season so we pretty much contacted every jungler. First, I think LirA is super good even if others are thinking that he’s not top-tier in LCK — except for Peanut or bengi I think he was the best in LCK, and the whole team was thinking that. When I’ve scrimmed with him he has been the best jungler on my team since . . . ever. In skill and in attitude he’s really positive and he’s really nice. Have you had to shift your playstyle at all in the new tank meta when previously you played more of a carry role on nV? I don’t really care too much about the skill or style of champions, honestly I think I play well on Maokai and I’m pretty confident on tanks now. I have a lot of experience so I don’t actually care that much about the meta changes. Moving forward, your team generally been placed towards the bottom in pre-season rankings or speculation about the split. How are you guys dealing with that as a unit and how will you improve as a team? I think if our start was equal to other teams’, so basically LirA can play jungle LCS Week 1 and Ninja’s playing mid Week 1 it would probably still be hard until Week 2. Now that LirA is coming late, we might be late starters. Last split we were super good at the start and at the end of the season it was bad, but I think this season might the reverse, slow start and better finish. Once we really start scrimming together I think we can be top three, top four. Emily Rand is a staff writer for theScore esports. You can follow her on Twitter. Copyright © 2017 Score Media Ventures Inc. All rights reserved. Certain content reproduced under license. View the full article
  17. Count me in! Available: High Noon EST Role: Fill Main: Ana, Pharah, Reinhardt, Soviet#11291 Rank: Platinum Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/8975/chicken-parmigiana/?internalSource=rotd&referringId=201&referringContentType=recipe hub&clickId=cardslot 1
  18. The competitive college season has just begun, but here are a few teams you’ll want to watch! View the full article
  19. We've added better Profiles, Match History, and more to the League of Legends Friends app. By Cactopus View the full article
  20. Welcome to the Warwick Champion Spotlight. View the full article
  21. Please make your profile not private during the application process. Once you have done that please response to this post so that we may continue to work on your application. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS/PROBLEMS PLEASE COME FIND A MEMBER OF LEADERSHIP FOR H1Z1 IN OUR Discord - HTTP://adk.wtf/discord
  22. G2 Esports AD carry Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen spoke about the first week of the 2017 season with Sport1, and said that he's happy to see his team move to a slower, more goal-oriented style of play. "We played slow, which is good. Maybe too slow but I'd rather play too slow than too fast because we used to play really fast and when things went wrong they went really, really wrong really, really fast," Zven said. "We want to get away from that where we made one mistake and it becomes two mistakes and then it becomes three, four, five and the game is suddenly over." According to Zven, the new method is a big contrast to the team's old style where players would just chase kills. "We're trying to adjust everyone's mindset to be the team-oriented goal and have a game plan that we play towards instead of having to play...where we kill people in lanes and we kill people here and there and see champion, kill champion you know?" RELATED: G2's Zven: 'Weldon has taught us how to play from behind in-game' Zven also weighed in on the new 10-ban system, saying it adds more variety in match-ups with teams either opting for equal drafts or trying to ban out a role entirely. "I think the new draft system is very good. It gives more flavor and it allows teams to do kind of choose either a draft that's equal to the other team, or choosing a draft where they have one side winning," he said. He also spoke about how he feels Group A of the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split stands up, saying ROCCAT and Giants Gaming could be bigger threats than they seem. "I think both ROCCAT and Giants are not as bad as people think. People think they are like on the relegation level. but I think both teams are actually fine," Zven said. "I think Misfits looked okay yesterday against Giants. They were not that good but not that bad either. They looked okay I would say. So I think right now our biggest competition is Fnatic." While Zven said he thinks Misfits are only "okay," he'll have to put his money where his mouth is on Jan. 28 when Misfits and G2 face off. Sasha Erfanian is a news editor for theScore esports. Follow him on Twitter, it'll be great for his self-esteem. Copyright © 2017 Score Media Ventures Inc. All rights reserved. Certain content reproduced under license. View the full article
  23. Counter Logic Gaming were the only team in North America to retain their starting lineup from 2016 for the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split, and that decision has drawn mixed reactions from the community. After the first week of domestic play, CLG head into Week 2 with a 1-1 record and their gameplay and coordination has been shaky. theScore esports sat down with CLG support and captain Zaqueri "aphromoo" Black to discuss the team's early season performance and the organization's decision behind keeping their roster 2016 roster intact. CLG are now 1-1 on the season. How do you feel about your team’s overall performance in Week 1. We realized that we still do have a lot to work on, even though we’re one year together. Most people expect synergy and stuff like that, but sometimes it will lapse — it doesn’t always stay there. With the new meta, we have different people in different roles. I’m no longer an engager and a playmaker. I have to play control mages strictly. Normally we have me in that role and Darshan as our split-pusher or DPS type of guy. Now he’s almost having to play the sole engage champion besides the utility AD carry picks, so Ashe or Varus. Normally Trevor doesn’t usually play those champions so we’re practicing that too. This isn’t your first slow start to a split. What is it about CLG and slow starts? It’s both a team thing and adjusting to a new meta. You have to figure out what roles you want your players to play. They have to be able to adapt, and we’re a little slower at that than most teams, but once we figure it out then we’re really good so it’s usually just a process since the meta always changes. A lot of people were wondering if you would keep your 2016 roster, and when you did, CLG received a lot of criticism. Why did you guys decide to stay together and how do you handle that criticism? I don’t think that there’s a main reason why we stayed together, but the one that I can think of is because we didn’t think that there were viable upgrades in any role in general. We already enjoyed playing together and we do think we have what it takes to make it back to the top again. As for the criticism thing, that’s cool, we’re used to it. Most pro players are used to it. Most people want change immediately, some people don’t, they value the time invested. I think that just makes League players careers a lot shorter when you think about it that way. If you don’t invest time into a player like they do in the NBA, NFL, stuff like that where he has time to grow and mature into a good player, that’s kind of crappy because most of the time you just play for a split, someone says, “You’re crap.” and then he’s out. You have three intense months to learn what you need to learn to play at the top, but that’s a really short amount of time. It’s a little unfair to think that way. We think the opposite, that investing time is a lot better. Me in particular, I mean when I first started playing the first split I was ass, really ass. Then I took a break for a split, then came back the next year and it was a lot better. It's been said that you can’t judge a CLG roster on paper, would you agree with this? I agree with that method or motto. The process is definitely the fun part about watching players grow. I used to be on CLG where, “Three months, you suck, you’re out.” Or, “You’re good, you’ll stay, blah, blah, blah.” Kind of crappy. I do think that it’s a lot more rewarding investing time into a player who has a good skill set and they just have to learn good habits and become a good player on a team, then be able to adapt to the meta, everyone is changing roles. It feels like we do have a die for every player. Every player is a die, you can roll and they can play these types of roles, maybe it’s not as good as it was before but if it’s the meta and we need them to learn that, then we just have to take time to learn that. Continuing along that train of thought, you have the entire roster of CLG Black as your substitutes presumably to train them with the pro team. How closely do you work with those guys? They’re with us for some days. We’ll scrim against them, they also warm up with us before LCS or after a game we might play one match with them. They help us scout other teams since they’re not in the challenger series right now so that’s what they do most of the time. For us, it’s just about helping our challenger team learn and at the end of the year, if any of us leave or we need to replace a player, this is what it’s for, right now. We’re just trying to help grow our CLG Black players and maybe they’ll teach us a thing or two. Where do you think CLG stands up against the more talked-about rosters going into this split? We’ve scrimmed against some of them and they’re pretty good. But, scrims are scrims because we’re pretty good too. I think their rosters definitely have a lot of talent. All that matters is how they use it so I think these first couple of weeks it’s going to be us, playing a bunch of different roles, stuff like that, maybe other teams already have people who play those roles. For me, in general, all that matters is who can master their role the fastest and then prove based on that while everyone is still learning. Emily Rand is a staff writer for theScore esports. You can follow her on Twitter. Copyright © 2017 Score Media Ventures Inc. All rights reserved. Certain content reproduced under license. View the full article
  24. Today's Deal: Save 66% on Day of the Tentacle Remastered!* Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are! *Offer ends Wednesday at 10AM Pacific Time View the full article
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  26. Welcome to ADK Kraze, I have been around League of legends for quite a while and I am a support main as well. I would be willing to mentor you if you wanted some help getting use to the game and showing some of the tricks I know. My in game name is WELL Mercy and I main Morgana, bard, LuLu, Sona, and Leona. Hope to see you soon on the Rift!
  27. also there is no admin control in the current server rental program. which means we would not be able to kick and ban cheaters. I've read disturbing reports of ppl with rented servers where cheaters came in to blatantly cheating with the only purpose to depopulate and kill the server which they fought so hard to get populated because of what Naru said about the requirement to get the round going.
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