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  2. What are you watching?

    I watched ecstas online manga and These days ecstas online manga is becoming very famous. This is my favourite. AND What are you watching?
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  4. Joining after So long

    Oh Look it's Hedge, long time no see. Yeah we're on Discord now. I'm pretty sure I have a link in my signature for it.
  5. Joining after So long

    Welcome back! I was a pretty regular guy on the PS2 channels back in the day for ADK. Look forward to talking with you. Like Spooky said, you can find us on Discord in the EFT channel, although recently it has been slow as some have been busy. Gary and I tend to be the usual suspects if anyone is going to be in there, and you can sometimes see us running with a few other people. Look us up, and drop a line in there in the text channel if you knonw you are going to be around at a specific time since in the summer I have more time and we are moer likely to be able to make a connection.
  6. Joining after So long

    Hey there Hedge! Welcome back to the ADK forums. We do have a group that is playing EFT and we are using discord now.
  7. Hey there people! I'll be honest I lost touch with ADK. Been at least 6 year 'xD. We played Planetside 2 back in my day! Anw, back on the tarkov train now and I'm acking to team up. Shall I join the discord? Also changed computers so I can't say I remember if we use discord now, or if Teamspeak is still a thing. Halp?
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  9. misticowolf

  10. =ADK= Gaming's Overwatch Section - Week 3

    For week 3 of me recording our Friday night sessions, I decided to go back to my original editing style, with a couple of extra goodies. I'm also incorporating a list that shows all of the people that decided to play with the =ADK= Gaming Overwatch Community. I hope all of you enjoy the Overwatch Section's Friday Night Mayhem Video, and as always, we hope to see you again! Until next time!
  11. misticowolf

    Welcome friend
  12. misticowolf

    Welcome Misticwolf to the ADK Forums! We have 7 Ark servers running but I believe that soon we will be removing one of them due to non use. I think it is the Scorched Earth one if I remember from the last meeting. I hope you have a good time with us
  13. misticowolf

    Welcome to the forums!
  14. misticowolf

    play ark about a year love to build serious player
  15. misticowolf

    play ark about a year love to build serious player
  16. What is your Favorite Manga?

    I'm actually reading rokudou no onna-tachi manga on yomanga. This is my favourite. AND What is your Favorite Manga?
  17. Have you ever wondered why so many small businesses fail within the first 5 years of operation while others succeed? Obviously, all these businesses started with one clear goal in mind – to make money. Some may say that they fail because of poor leadership which is true. Others may say the lack of capital which is also true. Interestingly, most people because they fail to prepare for the future. That’s why you need to ask yourself why do you need a business continuity plan? Becoming an entrepreneur is all about taking risks. In order to ensure that your business is sustainable, you need to put in place systems that can prevent threats whether internal or external that may try to infringe on your day to day operations
  18. Do you like to read the manga?

    I like to read manga and My Favourite fuuka manga. This is one of the best. AND Do you like to read the manga? ___________________________________________-- Source: https://mangazuki.me/manga/fuuka
  19. Hello there!

  20. Hello there!

    Welcome Maysalkirii to the ADK forums!! If you need anyone of us or looking for someone to play with you can also join us on ADK Discord
  21. Hello there!

    Welcome to the forums! You play tons of games that the community also does! That’s exciting, hope you meet lots of new friends! If you need any help with ark stuff or are maybe interested in the wow guild hit me up!
  22. Hello there!

    Hello, I'm Maysalkirii! I'm from Savannah, Georgia and I just joined this site. I play mainly Ark Survival Evolved (I have 3566hrs on it) I also play Overwatch, League Of Legends, World of Warcraft, GTA V and Minecraft.~
  23. The look on the Genjis face when he gets sniped twice in a row in the same doorway both times
  24. Just a notice to players that the Scorched Earth Server is going to be closed down in 2 weeks time. May 19th We will Shut down the Scorched earth Server and any player bodies, Dino's or content on it will be erased. Please take these two weeks to play it if you want to, but be sure to leave nothing there or you will lose it! Why are you doing this? - No one plays the server, and we will be replacing this server with a new one in the near future (details coming soon) What about the Pheonix? - Unfortunately there wont be a way to get the Pheonix on our hive anymore, though this does kind of suck, it's just the way its going to be. If a person really wants a phoenix we will continue to sell them on our ARK store. Please consider donating as it keeps our servers up and running. https://www.adkgamers.com/store/category/28-ark-survival-donor-packs/ If you require and assitance in clearing out of the map, ARK staff would be happy to help you, just reach out to us in discord. Any other questions please post here or message a staff in discord.
  25. Not yours but my, Intro Thread

    Welcome to the forums!
  26. Well its become apparent that our cluster is a bunch of crazy hoarders. I'm ok with this... in fact, I would like to enable this more... We want to put the in game events on our server MORE! How this is going to work. We are going to put a new event on our servers every two weeks, and its going to last a week. We are going to try and have the players VOTE for which event they want on the servers for that given week. So Week one we are going to vote, the following tuesday I will put that event on the server (Active wednesday morning restart). It will stay on the server till the following tuesday when I turn it off (again will disappear wednesday morning restart), at that time i will also put up a vote for the next week, players will vote and we start all over again. Easter - Green, Magenta, Yellow, and Blue. Arkaeology - White, Yellow, Grey, and Black Extinction Cronicles - 1. Purple, Black, Grey, Dark Blue 2. Red, Black, White, Grey 3. Green Black 4. Black, Red, Green, Purple, White Really not sure how this event will react when added... which set of colors or if all are added... this was a week to week event but only one event code for adding to server so we will see? Winter Wonderland - Red White Green (It doesn't list the colors in the wiki but I'm pretty sure it was just red white and green). Valentines - Red, Pink, and White Unfortunately at this time Halloween is not possible. Last year is when wildcard started re-coding the events to be launch-able by server owners. Due to extinction release in 2018 they decided to skip the Halloween event and thus did not release a coded version for server owners to add. VOTE FOR THE EVENT YOU WANT TO SEE ON THE SERVER FOR MAY 14
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