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  2. Hello ADK!

    Hello, and welcome to the ADK family!
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  4. Lets play!

    Very well sir . My hat is off to you . Can respect that . Have good day . Mr Wolf. @Sammy
  5. Today's Deal: Save 40% on Full Throttle Remastered!* Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are! *Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time View the full article
  6. Utah?

    There were a few regulars a couple years back but not sure who is there currently. I'm sure there's a couple around
  7. Stone Excavator with Diamond upgrade on Beyond put into an ME system cannot be withdrawn
  8. FTB Beyond WIPE!!

    We just did it last week @Jay-Rod and so far only 4 of us are on the new one.. So its completely fresh!
  9. Hej!

    3200 hours holy balls! Putting me to shame
  10. Changes coming for Minecraft

    Hey could I be whit-listed to join the FTB Beyond server? It would be greatly appreciated.... MC Username: _JayRod
  11. Vote: ARK server wipe on release?

    I do want to thank everyone that has replied so far from staff to players. So to give you a better idea about this topic an how we do things in ADK to better help you understand. We try our best to not have to wipe any server we run in ADK from ARK to Arma to Minecraft to SE to any server. We know all to well how much time everyone has put in to the game an server so when we talk about wipes it is only based on few things. 1) Game updates that are just a must for the server to work correctly. 2) Corrupt data that is unfixable an we have no choose but to wipe to fix the server 3) The possibility of increasing the player count an making things fair to all players (which is mostly done once or twice a year regardless of updates..Makes things fun again now that you can try new things an new places) But with this all said it is taken very seriously because we know everyone has put in lots of time in the server. In the end it is up to myself to say yes or no to the wipe sense I am the VA for the section now. I take everyone's thought into consideration when doing something like this. So please I will never leave your voice out but also try to think about the pros to doing this I do know that the cons right now are high but look at the pros to doing this an the great that it could have for all the new ppl that will now be able to build up from doing this...... Trust me we hear at ADK only want what is best for 1 the Server an 2 the players (either guest,Members,Staff,ECT) so If you have an know anyone that has not yet replied here please send them to here so I can hear their side as well. An again thank you all for replying here as it does help me when trying to make a decision on this matter. Thanks DoWin
  12. I need a new game

    Diablo, is a great game. I always enjoyed the new one, but the old ones are great as well.
  13. Hej!

    Welcome to ADK. Enjoy and play on
  14. Hej!

    Welcome! I also work night shifts at a hospital (not as a nurse though)! Hope to catch some WoW-talk with you soon!
  15. I would pick Soldier, as Reaper is my main. I enjoy playing Dps
  16. Lets play!

    Hello, nice to meet you. I am an ADC main playing on EUNE. Multiple seasons platinum currently g3 IGN: JahodovyVencek Server is EUNE
  17. Hej!

    Welcome to ADK!
  18. Hello

    Welcome to ADK!
  19. PTR Patch Aug 10, 2017

    New junkrat seems great, sucks that he can rek people easily but whatever. Should be fun!
  20. Hej!

    No XD jk jk
  21. Whats your Fav Texture pack?

    well I get my moods for default. I use to love it a lot. Now i just like fallout out theme packs for now.
  22. Whats your Fav Texture pack?

    I heard its a good texture pack. might check it out.
  23. ARMA III Exile ~ Dev Log

    Version 2.0.3 - Rebrand We have changed quite a bit in this release, i may add more to this list in form of a edit if more comes to mind. [NEW] Apoc Airdrop System [NEW] Rules & Did You Know Apps [NEW] Token Crate - Gained when you join the server first time then every territory upgrade [NEW] ADK Mozzie - solo pilot heli based on the arma 2 version (crafted and trader) [NEW] Vehicle Roaming AI [NEW] Crafting App - has all our vehicle/building craftables [NEW] Added back the Trader Safezones for Outposts [NEW] Added Full Trader system at outposts [NEW] Concrete Mixer to Craft menu [FIX] Scoreboard not recording Kills [FIX] Several typo's in messages [FIX] Empty Toast Msg [FIX] We cleaned up A LOT of coding after removing systems [FIX] Trader's having droped guns [CHANGED] Crafting object system, now only a few items require respect [CHANGED] Occupation AI system [CHANGED] Loottable a bit, Added codelocks [CHANGED] Trader Prices a bit, added mozzie [CHANGED] Territory values, prices, respect and item counts [REMOVED] Karma System [REMOVED] ADK Menu - All Xm8 Apps now [REMOVED] Clan Territory System - you can now build up to level 6 without needing help [REMOVED] Market Trader - we felt is was unused and it caused errors in our logs Please bare with us for possible issues found, we are working to fix them as fast as possible. we did 3 days of testing with some players to help find them and things are still coming up.
  24. Yesterday
  25. 8/18/2017 Inhouses: Poll Results & Information

    I wanted Mercy paintball :( OH WELL time to practice Doomfist :^)
  26. 8/18/2017 Inhouses: Poll Results & Information

    I'm ready to die 99 times
  27. The winning gamemode is 6v6 Doomfist! How will this mode be played? We will be playing standard Overwatch with only Doomfist enabled. Will this mode last for the entire duration of the inhouse? No. We will be playing Competitive 6v6 during the night similar to how we would if any other gamemode is played. How will the inhouse be set up then? We will be playing a few rounds of 6v6 Doomfist until everyone has their fill. We will then move onto regular Competitive 6v6. Near the end of the night we will consider doing the mode again if there is still enough interest. We hope to see all of you on Friday! Thank you to everyone who voted on our poll located here! We are happy to announce the mode that we will be playing this week is 6v6 Doomfist. If your desired mode was not selected, please make sure to cast your vote next week! It will be up on Friday, as soon as inhouses have concluded. Remind me, when are inhouses? Inhouses take place on Fridays at 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central. You are welcome to bring your friends to participate with us, but we do ask that they join us on discord.
  28. The final battle approaches, and the chosen defenders of the Brine must continue their secret mission into Dark Reef Prison to eradicate the fiendish Siltbreaker once and for all. Battle Pass owners are once again invited to undertake a journey that spans vast domains, where fearsome creatures and monstrous hordes lurk in every shadow, as the first Dota 2 Multiplayer Campaign concludes with today’s release of Siltbreaker: Act II. To accompany this release, we’ve added an Adventure Mode to Acts I & II that allows for a more casual playstyle. Adventure Mode playthroughs won’t garner any Artifacts, achievements, or rewards, but the decreased difficulty and removal of any non-quest goals will let players explore the dangerous world of Siltbreaker without any additional pressure. We’ve also introduced changes to the Artifact system for both acts that will help ensure more players can discover these objects of power and factor them into tactical decisions as they play. Players who collected Artifacts in Act I are welcome to utilize them in Act II, and vice versa, but there are some important differences with the new system. Check out today’s patch notes for more information. As you fight your way to a showdown with Siltbreaker, you’ll earn completion stars based on your performance level. The first time you complete a zone with one or two stars will net you Battle Points rewards, and delivering a three-star zone performance will grant a treasure from the aquatic terror himself. Each Siltbreaker Treasure includes a chance to receive an indescribably-rare Immortal Desert Sands Baby Roshan courier, and Battle Pass owners with Battle Level 165 or higher will receive double the treasures for each three-star zone they complete with the reward bonus active. You’ll also have the opportunity to unlock new Act II achievements for even more Battle Points. Can you find Siltbreaker and end this dire threat before he makes his escape? Party up with three friends or queue-met allies to find out. The safety of the free seas hangs in the balance, and—should you fail—the drylands might be next. View the full article
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