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  3. EFT Raider Name list

    Scav Raiders only have a nickname, below is a list of the different nicknames they can have: Akula Balu Bar Barrakuda Bars Berkut Dikobraz Gepard Grif Grizzli Gyurza Karakurt Kayman Kobra Kondor Lev Lis Mangust Mantis Medved Orel Pantera Pchel Piton Rosomaha Sekach Shakal Skorpion Stervyatnik Tarantul Taypan Tigr Varan Vepr Volk Voron Yaguar Yastreb Note this list does not include Bosses, Scavs or Bodyguards, but only Raiders. I provide it here in the case you run into a rare one and want to differentiate it from a player name. (Yaguar for example is quite commonly recurring whereas I have yet to come across Stervyatnik). With Patch .12 imminent, it is possible the list may change. I will edit the list if it does.
  4. What are some good light novels?

    I'm Also Reading Solo Leveling Now a days. check over here
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  6. EFT Announcement link

    Real time announcement link below. This Discord announcement page gets the info about the same time as Twit-er/FuckBook. I happen to hate those platforms, if that wasn't obvious, so this is for you if you are like me. ~Dim https://discord.gg/escapefromtarkovofficial (go to announcement page)
  7. Jakob Intro

    Hello and welcome.
  8. Jakob Intro

  9. Jakob Intro

    Hey my name is jakob im 22 years old and im from Denmark. Im currently studying product design on my last year. In my free time i enjoy going to the gym which is a huge part of my life, and when i got free time i enjoy to play csgo. Im a very clam and relaxed person, i have been told that i use alot of sarcasm and self irony so you are all warned.
  10. Most Hours Played For One Game

    I've been grinding RS since I was in my diapers lol..... I really love this game, and if we're talking about numbers - 1421hours (that's nearly 2 months) Of course, I try not to spend my precious time so I've been selling my gold on various Webs and that's how I get some money IRL
  11. My favorite game character tattoo in street fighter name Ken tattoo AND What is your favorite game Character _______________________________ I like snake tattoo at tattoodesigns123 and this one is best.
  12. Best Building Mods

    I've made a list of the 15 best building mods to make your builds run smoothly. Check it out
  13. Best Minecraft Skins

    I've made a list of the 15 coolest Minecraft skins. Check it out here.
  14. Best Minecraft Resource Packs

    I've compiled a list of the best texture packs for Minecraft. Check it out here
  15. Best Mobs for Grinding XP

    Hey guys I wanted to share a list of the best mobs for getting XP that I made. Check it out here!
  16. Best Minecraft Horror Maps

    you can add this to it https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/decimation-realistic-zombie-apocalypse-modpack
  17. Best Minecraft Horror Maps

    Hey I compiled a list of 10 amazing horror maps for Minecraft. Check it out here!
  18. Best Minecraft Adventure Modpacks

    Hey guys I compiled the best Minecraft adventure modpacks. Check it out here!
  19. Web development refers to creating, creating and maintaining websites. It includes features such as web design, web publishing, web registration, and database management. Web development includes many types of web content creation. Some examples include hand marking of web pages in a text editor, creating a website in a program like Dreamweaver and blog updating through a blog website. In recent years, content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla have been popular for developing the network. These tools make it easy for anyone to create and edit their own websites using a web interface. CTR Global is a recognized website development company in UK that promotes basic web development services. Our primary focus is to provide quality services to our clients. We create websites and web applications that help companies do their business online. Our company believes that a great website for visitors can be converted into customers. Our web development services are tailored to the needs of our clients with very high customer satisfaction.
  20. Overwatch Giveaway

    I'm new here. Haha you should start working for you to earn that $5. OW account name ellebent
  21. Pokemon GO - Storylines, Quests and Mew!

    Oh, I'm new at Pokemon Go and see that there's a Fast TM reward for just winning 3 Raids. I hope they bring it back as I have so many weak quick attacks in my favorites. Especially, Espeon that I want to have Confusion as her fast attack. You can only get Fast TM after winning a Raid and it's a chance only. IMO it's easier to loot before than now. You can have better customization for your pokemon and hoard them until newer generations come. Anyways, will just try my luck in Raids again now Deoxys is up.
  22. Buy Cheap POE Currency for PC/PS4/XBOX, In Stock and fast delivery. No.1 POE Currency Shop. Lowest Price. 24/7 Support. 5-10 mins Delivery. Best Service. Types: Exalted Orb, Chaos Orb, Orb of Fusing, Orb of Regret, Divine Orb. Exalted Orbs are a high-value currency that plays a crucial role in the in-game economy. Their primary purpose is to craft high-end rare items. Because of this, it is regarded as the "gold standard" currency for trading between players, with many trade deals listed in terms of Exalted Orbs. Since the average player does not have the means to craft high-end items, the average player typically trades Exalted Orbs for other valuable equipment instead of consuming them. For powerful or wealthy players looking to use Exalted Orbs on powerful rare items, there are two primary methods to consume them. The first is through direct use of the orb, adding a random affix to a rare item that does not already have six affixes. The other is to add high-end affixes through master crafting by paying a fixed amount of Exalted Orbs. The latter method grants crafters access to the special meta-crafting mods which cannot be rolled naturally.
  23. Durandal On ARK

    Welcome! happy to see you joining!
  24. Durandal On ARK

    Welcome to the forums. Glad to hear you're enjoying the ARK servers.
  25. Durandal On ARK

    Heya, glad to see you officially joining!
  26. Durandal On ARK

    Hello, my introduction thread. I've played on the ADK ark servers for quite a while now, (at least 8 months) and primarily play on Rag. Please let me know if you need help as i'm quite well established on there now. Been fortunate enough to play with Coonley and Phedra, Grim etc, and done most of the bosses.
  27. Pro Gamer pokimane Chooses DXRacer OH/FE08/NW Chair

    Which is the best product among those listed in this site? https://bestgamingitems.com/best-computer-gaming-chair/
  28. July was a great month for Overwatch at ADK. We had a lot of fun playing quite a bit of Quickplay. We jumped in headfirst into the Summer Games. We had some members who got really into Overwatch League and now we have a small group who watches every weekend. The Sigma news was great, and we’re hashing out how to play him now in August. Join us on Discord to pwn some noobs.
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