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  2. I leave for 4 years and this is what I come home to?

    @Landomatic What is your steam id?
  3. Coming Back

    Dm cagregario on forums for a link to discord. he pretty much killed all active links. He can invite you though.
  4. 'Don't kid yourself' would be a great slogan for an abortion clinic.

  5. Hello

    Its the Hilbilly Just wanted to say hello to my fellow friends to just say hi and i hope is doing good during this virus crap.
  6. What is your Favorite Anime and Manga?

    My personal favorite anime. Hunter X Hunter is the gold standard of shounen genre. Loaded with amazing characters, great animation and brilliant storytelling, Hunter X Hunter is a must watch. View:
  7. Coming Back

    Not a lot if anything going on around here. Just randomly checked up ol ADK and found discord not working, forums almost dead, no servers any more... No new recruitment posts... Thanks for logging in today!!!!!
  8. Coming Back

    Hey how is everyone. Fired up my computer again wondering how to join the discord? link is invalid.
  9. Wild Terra 2 is now available on Steam Early Access! Many thanks to everyone who helps the development of the game and supports us! We are delighted that Wild Terra 2 has such a great community! Thanks to you, the game has been translated into 12 languages already at the launch of Early Access. Currently running servers: - NA-West NEW! - NA-East - Europe #1 - Europe #2 - South America - Asia Pacific - Australia Nuestro sitio: Wild Terra 2: New Lands - Official site of the popular MMO sandbox RPG with survival, craft. 2020 Why Early Access? In our game, you, together with other players, create your own medieval world: from the first tools to a full-fledged life, economy, and guilds. In a game with such mechanics, you are given a key role, and for the full development of the project, we need a dialogue with you. By providing early access, we hope to receive feedback and suggestions to adjust the development of the game early on. We consider all ideas and select from them the most suitable and liked ones. How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?While Wild Terra 2 will be in Early Access, we will be expanding the possibilities of the game with every update. It isn't easy to list everything that we have planned for the release, but the most important thing is worth noting: - A new continent every season! With its own biomes, rules, inhabitants, dungeons, resources and rewards. - Improvement and content for Farming. Many new cultures, weather and seasons influences. - Livestock breeding and selection. - Even more elements for building houses, creating furniture and decor. - Special activities for solo players. - Skills Cartography, Witchcraft, Bard. - Improved combat system with even more variety of equipment, skills and roles. - New types of weapons and skills for using them: Crossbows, Two-handed, Polearms, Weapons in both hands, Throwing bombs, Staffs and Musical instruments. - Castle sieges and PvP tournaments. - Development of guilds. Special dungeons with activities, bosses and rewards. Guild Wars. In addition to everything planned, the game will be expanded with a considerable number of aspects proposed by the community. This is the goal of Early Access! What is the current state of the Early Access version?Many of our plans and player suggestions have already been implemented in Wild Terra 2. Together with you, we will refine the game, make it better and more diverse with each update. Despite the team's small size, we plan to delight you with new updates 2-3 times a month. The game is continuously being filled with something new, improve, and the found shortcomings are eliminated. A large number of essential features have already been added to Wild Terra 2, which will only increase over time:Survival in a huge world. - Hunting, resource mining and finding godsends. - Crafts: Blacksmithing, Mining, Leatherworking and Pottery, Carpentry, Farming, Cooking and many others. - Lots of realistic production processes. - Trade with other players and non-player characters. - Taming animals and pumping pets.Free construction of multi-level buildings. - Improvement of home and personal property. - Completing various quests. - Dungeon exploration for groups or lone players. - Boss battles for valuable rewards. How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process? Our Discord channel contains the largest part of the active community of the game.Any of the players can suggest adding something new or, on the contrary, removing and reworking the existing one. You can discuss your ideas with other players on Discord and us. Join the Wild Terra 2 Discord Server! Also, the community actively contributes to finding and fixing bugs in the game.Public board with a list of found and fixed bugs: Trello The community of players fills the wiki with knowledge about Wild Terra 2, helping newcomers navigate the game more quickly, organizing all the information available, and making it easier to work with it.Wild Terra 2 official wiki Wild Terra 2 Wiki
  10. new user

    sorry for double posting, it lagged before I understood that it is already posted xd
  11. new user

    Hi guys, my name is Raden, I am new on this forum! Playing games since 2006 year, hope we`ll get friendly together
  12. new user

    Hi guys, my name is Raden, I am new on this forum! Playing games since 2006 year, hope we`ll get friendly together
  13. I joined ADK in 2012...

    says u r a battlefield advisor... never heard of you
  14. I joined ADK in 2012...

    I was searching for a discord for EFT and saw ADK as the search result. It rung a bell I haven't heard since 2012 when I first joined from 2012! Almost 10 years ago. Cool to see you guys still active.
  15. hello all

    bigboy here
  16. New Manga

    What wisdom thou doth spoketh. It hath been an honor partaking in this thread -LedStonius 4:17 See ADK Forum Shippuden, Act 4 Scene 13
  17. hello

    hey guys im sgtlarson. i love to play Tarkov but playing it solo is a bit frustrating to say the least. looking to play with teams. i have had and played the game since feb 2016 EOD
  18. Anyone still here?

    I’m here!
  19. Are you dead Bob?

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    2. BobLogger


      That’s awesome man I’d love to link up when your ready 

    3. thatirishguyyy


      Once I get access to my Steam account and rebuild my PC I'll hit you up. Hope you have been well these past few years.

    4. thatirishguyyy


      in the meantime, add me on xbox: that irish guy0

  20. fucker. wake up, I'm back.

  21. I leave for 4 years and this is what I come home to?

    Not a bad minor call-to-arms then. In the next few months I hope to at least gather you nitwits for some SC play then. And of course some EFT now that I've seen what it is. Jeez! Good to see hear from you @Landomatic . I'll be sure to get your STEAM ID and Discorse information once I'm back on my non-workstation pc.
  22. Would someone please reactivate my membership?

    @LeroytheSquirrel shhhhh im sleeping
  23. I leave for 4 years and this is what I come home to?

    I am alive and well, Irish. Haven’t been active in ADK much necessarily as there appeared to be some schism awhile back. Good to see interest in SC however.
  24. Would someone please reactivate my membership?

    I deactivated your second account. Welcome back! Although you'll find that the forums have been...quiet lately.
  25. Anyone still here?

    I believe we have already discussed what we need to, not sure who might still be checking this, but I suppose worth a try to see.
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