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  2. Lot of fun games
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  4. There have been a lot of good games that are on sale right now on steam (summer sale) Which games are you wanting to get, or have already gotten?
  5. Tbh they should have an astronaut suit skin for all the character. Or atleast, winston ya know.
  6. i really like the Hanbo one.
  7. not gonna lie i always wanted this in every competitive game or basically any multiplayer game. I'm happy it's in OW cause i don't have a recording software and good computer.
  8. tyty
  9. Hi, Ur my dad pappi xd
  10. Welcome to ADK lol
  11. im gonna roast you, you just said hehexd smh ily bb
  12. Hi guys. The one and only Seef(seagull) sent me towards this direction :). After the last community screwup(dont wanna mention) i think its better to join a new and better one. I like playing a lot of games like pubg, r6, and h1. PS: Im potato, dont expect much of meh. hehexd
  13. wow thank you seef i really like your attitude, lets play roblox later k
  14. Welcome to ADK man, glad to see you here
  15. Hello my name is Gambino I was introduced by the queef himself, seef AKA Seagull the LoL man. I like to draw and love childish gambino (as you can tell) I also love playing OW and Rainbow Six Siege. I'm Gold 2 in R6S and Gold in OW so hmu when u wanna play
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  17. Welcome it's always nice to see people just wanting to game and have a good time. I myself am primarily am a PC gamer but was real into Destiny but haven't touched it in many months. Might fire it up and patch it just as a send off to a year and a half of enjoyment. Do some of the older raids for old times sake. Sent from my Pixel using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  18. The Steam Summer Sale continues today with discounts on thousands of games, videos and software!* *Discount offers end July 5th at 10 AM Pacific unless otherwise specified. View the full article
  19. Great inhouse last week! We are wanting to hear your feedback for what you want to play next week! Please vote for your preferred game mode for us to play next week. Depending on results, we may pick 2 winners and do both on that night (Especially for game modes that require less time. Example: Geni Dash). Below will be a description of each mode. We rotate out the gamemodes on the poll every week. The new custom gamemode launcher means a lot of opportunities for new game modes. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them here. I'd really appreciate it! If you are new or have never heard of our weekly inhouses, please refer to THIS thread. Just as a reminder, inhouses start at 9 PM Eastern every Friday night! Air War - Low Gravity Edition A new take on one of our previous gamemodes, we'll play air war in low gravity! Check out exstoerm's post here for more information. Capture the Flag Capture the flag! 500% Everything Insane gamemode where everything is amped up to max! Protect the VIP Elimination mode, Score to win: 5 For more imformation, check out Naru's post here Mystery Heroes Standard Mystery Heroes! Hope to see you all next Friday
  20. Last week
  21. Version 2.0.1 - Chicken BBQ Pizza [ADDED] Malden x64 Server - 2nd server [ADDED] Malden Basic Traders [ADDED] Malden Spawns [ADDED] Malden Boat and Waste Traders [ADDED] Malden Military/Industrial Edits [ADDED] Malden Block Zones [ADDED] Malden Oilrig - Padmadurg ( i dont make them up ) - Source link [UPDATED] DMS missions to spawn away from spawns and traders - Malden [UPDATED] Roaming AI to spawn atleast 1k from spawns and traders - Malden
  22. New Survivor Collection Available! A new Crate system has just made its way to Just Survive with our most recent game update! With this new system, you will notice our entire Crate offering is now consolidated into two distinct options. Starting today, you’ll be able to purchase the most recently released Crate as before (currently the Outlands Crate), but all other available items can now be found in the Survivor Collection. What this means is that the vast majority of items from every previous Crate are in just one place! That’s not all - if you're looking for value, we’ve dropped the price on our most recently released Crate to 200 DBC, and the Survivor Collection will be available for 100 DBC. The most recently released Crate will provide one item for each Crate, but the Survivor Collection will grant two! Here are a few of those classic items you may want to grab: Gorilla Warfare Helmet Red Bone Helmet Toxic Body Armor Do you have locked Crates in your inventory? Now is the time to crack them open, because we’ve lowered the unlock cost to just 50 DBC! Head to the Marketplace to take advantage of these new prices and Crates!
  23. BDO has been on my radar now that I've fallen out of the practice of logging into Guild Wars 2. I say this as someone who hasn't played it. The way it moves and the way it looks actually reminds me of the dozens of free / cheap MMOs that I've played through, which isn't really a great thing. I feel that the UI is too 'busy' and is a bit more distracting than anything. The combat looks pretty smooth, but extremely grindy! The world is very pretty though, and I am a sucker for spending hours to explore a world through unconventional means. You have your own boat that you can use to explore the ocean?! YES PLS. It seems to have picked up a lot of steam in terms of youtubers and streamers putting content online. I'm actually a bit interested in playing it myself. To push against @BookD20 here (once again, I haven't played the game), people seem to be saying that you shouldn't be worried about people that have spent money for loot as the game feels more play-to-win opposed to pay-to-win, but that also means to compete you'll have to a lot more time grinding. Whether it's worth your time or not depends on what you're in it for. I have heard great things about just the PvE and crafting/'Life' areas of the game, but it also feels pretty heavy on the PvP side of things.
  24. Nooooo! That Roadhog clip size / Fire Rate increase is going to wreck my Roadhog taunting as Tracer! They need to give Tracer 5 blinks, and then we'll be square.
  25. Some awesome people to talk to and a film to watch! Father's Day looks pretty cheesy which is up my alley! I'll be sure to throw my script up here for anyone interested (Once I... finish a comfortable draft).
  26. The Steam Summer Sale continues today with discounts on thousands of games, videos and software!* *Discount offers end July 5th at 10 AM Pacific unless otherwise specified. View the full article
  27. The International 2017 Battle Level Bundle for Dota 2 is available on Steam and is up to 70% off!* It’s time to boost your Battle Pass and grow your treasure stash with the Battle Level Bundle, available this weekend only. From now until the morning of Monday, June 26, Battle Pass customers can purchase this discounted bundle containing 80 Battle Levels, 4x Immortal Treasure I, and 4x Immortal Treasure II. You must Own The International 2017 Battle Pass to redeem in game. Limited to one purchase per customer, this bundle offers up to 70% savings on the combined value of the levels and treasures, and as with other Battle Pass purchases, 25% of all sales will contribute directly to The International 2017 prize pool. View the full article
  28. May I join the signup! I am so excited! Rosebud #12703
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