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  4. Update 2.0.250. Guilds, cloaks, German and Spanish translations Update 2.0.250 - Spanish and German translations added. - You can now create and manage a Guild. You can create a guild at the Librarian in the central city. In the guild window, an invitation and exclusion from the guild, assignment of ranks with different levels of permissions (Veterans can invite other members, and Officers can demote, upgrade, and kick members) and displaying online members. Also, you can quickly invite a member of the guild to the group and write a private message. - Added Guild chat channel. - Added reward cloaks for Conqueror and Hero pack owners. - Added the One ring for Hero pack owners. To receive new rewards, you must re-enter your key in the game. - Fixed a bug due to which a pet could not be renamed. If you want to help with the translation of the game, please write to support@wildterra2.com
  5. I still play the game from time to time, once or twice per month, but I see no reason to hold all of my items that are likely to go down in price soon. Is there a way I can sell them except for manual trading, like Steam Community Market but with real money? I did a little research and found DMarket [link removed by moderator]. It seems to be exactly what I am looking for; however, I am not sure if this is the most popular platform and all of my skins will be sold fast at the best price. Do you know any better alternatives, especially I would love to hear about the ones you use by yourself.
  6. Music when playing video games.

    I always listen Two Steps from Hell mixes during PvP
  7. What are you listening to right now?

  8. Newbie to gaming/streaming

    Welcome! I love A Plague Tale: Innocence. This is one of my favorite story-driven games on Steam.
  9. Logged into the forums just to take a trip down memory lane. So many pleasant memories of hanging out with everyone and playing planetside, battlefield, minecraft, and elite dangerous.

    This community will always hold a special place in my heart. While I'm inactive in the community these days, the friendships that took root during my time in this community are what I am truly thankful for.

    Should someone read this and feel the same, ping me on discord to catch up :)

  10. Which champion is bather Ahri champion or Alistar champion? which on is
  11. A Good Ahri Build??

    I just started playing League of Legends and I'm a little bit new at this but what is the most optimal build for the Ahri Champion which ones are the best Ahri Counters. I just run on this forum searching through google for finding some info about this champion, any help would be nice.
  12. December 16 - Wild Terra 2 will be released on Steam Early Access! Until release, developers plan to add Guilds, update chat, add a new dungeon, durability and repair of items, a map, as well as the rest of the promised rewards for all those who bought a pack and supported the development of the game. Also pay a lot of attention to finalizing the balance and everything that has already been added to the game. https://www.wildterra2.com/
  13. What's your favorite add-on?

    To me WoW: Shadowlands seems quite promising, thinking of pre-ordering it
  14. New Stage of Testing on Wild Terra 2. New Content Added to the game, new zones, new mineral, weapons, special armor, the Central City, traders and more. Hello friends! Big news for Wild Terra 2 Online. We are entering our final stages and preparing for a new beginning. This wonderful game grows more and more thanks to the support of our players and little by little we are gaining place among the Gamer community. - more balanced leveling and mining of resources; - increase in the value of the currency, new goods from merchants; - improved game performance (up to +20 FPS on some PCs); - fixed “jerks” when a large number of buildings and other objects appeared; - you can no longer build on roads; - increased the number of online players; - the next wipe is only in December, 48 hours before the release of the game on Steam Early Access; - within a week after the wipe, we plan to add item durability, food expiration date, and settings menu; - other improvements and fixes; - immediately after the wipe, a server will be opened in Australia! All owners of the Settler, Conqueror, Hero, “Stay Home” (this pack no longer available for purchase) packs have access to the game. Major updates. Many wonderful features have been added to the game. NEW ZONES: Forbidden mountains and Imprisonment Peaks. - Tame a Huge Boar, fight the NEW BOSS and other mountain dwellers! - A large mountainous area in the north of the continent has been discovered. New resources to be found and dangers to discover in this new territory. - New resources are available for mining: marble, zuperite ore and mountain sage. - A new metal Zuperium is available for smelting, things from which have excellent characteristics for fighting animals and monsters. - Added Riveted Leather Light Armor, Zuperium Heavy Armor, and a very rare helmet and a shield to the loot. - Added Zuperium weapons: dagger, sword, ax and war hammer (weapon appearance will be improved). - Added steel tools: pickaxe, axe, hammer and saw. - Added new enemies: mountain dwellers, huge boar (can be tamed). - Added boss Prisoned Master of the Mountain (NEW BOSS). Major Update 2.0.241. Central city, traders, game currency. The central city is available! Trade and earn money from a blacksmith, tanner, carpenter, mason, cook, jeweler, fisherman, librarian, and hoarder. Buy useful goods from them! Central city added! One of the districts is available, other districts will open in the next updates. Added NPCs from which you can sell and buy various goods. There are 9 merchants in the game: a blacksmith, tanner, carpenter, mason, cook, jeweler, fisherman, librarian, and hoarder. Added game currency. Money can be found in godsends and various loot, as well as obtained from the sale of goods to players and merchants. Thanks to everyone for support the game. Dont forget to join us on discord. Join the Wild Terra 2 Discord Server! Wild Terra 2: New Lands - Official site of the popular MMO sandbox RPG with survival, craft. 2020
  15. Free week for everyone as part of the Autumn Steam Festival from October 7th, 10AM PST to October 13th, 10AM PST. Add Wild Terra 2 to your wishlist so you don't miss: Wild Terra 2 Online on Steam. The new testing phase has already begun! Steam Early Access launch in December 2020!
  16. What is your Favorite Anime and Manga?

    Never watched SAO. I think my favorite is either Read or Die, or Ghost in the Shell. I'm currently watching So Ra No Wo To.
  17. Back from the dead

    Hi DirtyOxyClean! Sorry for the late reply but Welcome back. I'll dig around see if I can ping someone to get you a good link.
  18. Newbie to gaming/streaming

    Hey, This is a little late, but welcome to the forums!
  19. Black Desert Online Item Database

    Thanks for sharing. Useful to me!
  20. Newbie to gaming/streaming

    Hey everyone! I'm new to gaming in general and during lockdown I decided to begin streaming to be sociable more with others. I'm pretty new to gaming and I'm figuring out what kind of games I enjoy; so far I've enjoy a wide range from Warzone, Apex, Stardew Valley (On of my Favs), Among us and recently I bought " A plague tale of innocence.
  21. https://i.imgur.com/fyRCY5X.gifv Hey guys! I want to share this funny and innovative feature of our game Wild Terra 2 Online Added some funny stuff to our medieval MMO sandbox Wild Terra 2: - Shield-door (excellent characteristics, as well as the ability to disguise). - Multi-tool combining pickaxe, ax, saw and torch in one tool (it's very convenient!), - Chamber Pot helmet - emitting the appropriate stench. Learn more about our development we plan to add more fun stuff like this to Wild Terra https://steamcommunity.com/app/1134700#scrollTop=400
  22. Back from the dead

    Been absent from the PC community for a while, just retired from the USN so trying to get back into the groove of things. I just didn't have the time to rebuild a PC but now all i have is time. I'm looking to be reactivated in the community. also cant seem to connect to the discord. If someone could look into that I'd appreciate it.
  23. =ADK= H1Z1: Just Survive Server!

    H1Z1 was by far one of the best games i played. I loved so much run a server for ADK for the brief time the game was around. I wish and hope that one day it comes back.......
  24. Wow it's been a while...

  25. Agriculture has been added to the game in this update! Create beds, plant seeds, use fertilizers, water, harvest crops, seeds and breed new crops! What's new: Agriculture has been added to the game. Currently available a few crops and basic features. Over time, we will be adding new plants and mechanics to make farming even more fun! - Available for planting Wild cereals, Barley, Rye, Wild root crop, Carrots. - Added 5 types of fertilizers with different effects. - Added Sickle tools. - Added Iron Bucket. - Added multifunctional tool. - Added a new unique helmet. - Added healing bandages. It takes time to use, but after using, you’ll gradually restore the lost health.
  26. Our last video, that shows pets and taming habilities. Make traps for different animals, mounts and battle pets. Pet action bars will be added, pets can respond to attack orders or follow and use abilities and they has passive abilities that influence the character. All pets in one Gif! (fox, the wild boar and the cactus were missing) https://i.imgur.com/aFC8pIj.gifv https://i.imgur.com/YagoyWd.gifv Full Metal Helmet description: "The helmet created using the unique technologies of legendary craftsmen dwarfs. For the most reliable protection, the master decided not to make holes for the eyes. This new helmet has the effect that covers the screen, can't see with the helmet on. But it gives u strong defense. For use it while tank strong creatures or using for protect your team on pvp.
  27. =ADK= H1Z1: Just Survive Server!

    We all miss each other :'(
  28. Hello there old friend.. how have u been.  i have been watching the adk discord and am very sad to see no one on it.. what has happend?  when i was here it was massive..  

    I hope you are doing well .. 


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