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I am a Terrible American Citizen



I never realized how ignorant I am about pretty much everything having to do with politics and history and the general knowledge of the United States as a whole.


Ok maybe I did know. Just for giggles here's a map of the US I tried filling out last fall.


I've come to realize that I have several major dilemmas.


1. The Primaries and Presidential Election is fast approaching and I have no idea what any of the political parties do/believe nor do I know anything about the current candidates. (I was raised in a conservative home and constantly told that Democrats are bad, Republicans are good, end of story, and never bothered to look any further.)


2. I have no idea where anything (country wise) is in on the globe besides the general overview of continents and the larger countries. I can't even get the United States East coast correct.


3. Today I learned that, contrary to whatever I heard in grade school, the American Civil War wasn't about the slaves. What.



So thus having come to the realization that I am indeed a terrible American citizen and need to educate myself, I invite anyone reading along on my adventures to discover politics, opinions, history, and the world.


How often do we, as a gaming community centered around having fun, shy away from getting into politics? So I invite anyone who thinks they have a point to make it, here in the comments of these blogs. I absolutely love perspective and encourage it as long as it isn't intentionally inflammatory or straight bigotry. (And in those cases I will censor your comments.) On the other hand, if you take the time to comment, please take the time to read and consider other members comments.


My first question to the readers of ADK; What do you think about the current electoral system the United States has? I've heard a countless number of people tell me that "If so and so gets elected into presidency I'm leaving the country." This hasn't been just about one person either, it's pretty much all around the square, Trump, Clinton, Carson, etc. Why is it possible, if we have a representative system, to get people into presidency that a huge majority of people absolutely detest? Maybe it's just the people I hang around, but I've seen very few people who openly support Trump. Why is it then that he's such a popular candidate for the 2016 election?


Recommended Comments

well as said best by our second president,


"There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution." 

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He's a popular candidate simply because of his actions and the media that Gravitates towards his actions.  Of course someone who's screaming and making a "fool" of himself on live television is going to become "popular" in the media's eyes.


People underestimate exactly how strong the media is when it wants to be.  When you got to CNN you get liberal news that highlights for the most part Hilary and a little bit of Burnie, while pointing out the flubs of Trump and the republicans, and then if you swap media outlets to Fox you get the opposite.  Everything depends on your perspective and what you view throughout your life. 

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Well, here's my view on the electoral system. It kinda sucks. The general election is so filtered that we're down normally to a choice of a liberal/extreme liberal and a (most likely) extreme conservative to consider. The American political system is dependent on the ability of one political party from the right or left to flaunt their candidate the best. 


That said, I am one of the people who has avowed to leave the nation should Trump (or as I like to refer to him 'The Donald') win the general election. This is because he is probably the worst choice for not only the leader of the executive branch, but the position of Commander in Chief of the armed forces. He has demonstrated it time and time again on the debate stage that while he seems to be a fairly intelligent person, but once posed with the hard questions on political issues that are asked, he starts to slander other candidates, yell, disavow the network that asked the tough question, etc... While amusing to watch it's scary to think that he actually has a chance of being in a position where he could get angry, declare war on Russia, and it would actually mean something. The balance of power in the world can't be placed in someone who turns beat red from being challenged. 


Now, that being said, I think that the primary process right now is toxic, and should be held more like a general election, on the same day across the nation. This would make it harder for candidates to focus on the first 'big' states such as Iowa and New Hampshire (sorry if you live there, but you're no more important than anywhere else in the nation. You are also not less important than any other state.). 


There's my little rant, I look forward to the discussion. 

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IMHO, I believe that Trump is not a "born again conservative" like Regan was. With Regan (Who was a long time Democrat) he found his views were constantly challenged as the Democratic Party moved to bigger government. But things were different back in the day. Both sides of the fence were able to come together on passing bills that kept our Nation functioning. Trump, on the other hand was a "shake and bake" . Many of the things he says he's going to do are right out of the Democratic play book. It wouldn't surprise me if he and Hillary got together to find a way to make this a one party nation. Look at what he's doing and saying.

I was in the Military when Carter was President and while raising 2 daughters, the government got into a gridlock and no budget was passed. It was over several months as I recall, that I wasn't getting paid, but we had to wait until Regan was elected. Mean time I had creditors nipping at my heels demanding payment. Never mind that I wasn't getting paid, they still wanted their pound of flesh.

When Regan was elected the first thing he did was give the Military a 14% pay hike!  What a blessing that was. But under the first Bush, Congress decided to give themselves a 52% pay raise. Millionaires decided that since they needed a place to live in Wash D.C. as well as their home towns while holding us to 2% raises (And calling that inflationary) many people were sending tea bags to their Congressmen.

I was in the Coast Guard at the time and flew out of Miami Air Station. Congressmen from all over the Country would come down to our station to get photo's taken in front of our Jets that were used for anti drug and immigration intercepts and they would send a notice to their electorate that they were all for anti drugs and anti immigration funding. Meanwhile I noticed the guys would have lots of good looking "Secretaries" with them as well as a few trusted aides and they promptly refueled their own Jets and headed for a vacation on the taxpayer's dime.

I went to the base exchange and bought two boxes of tea bags while a Congressman from Indiana was "doing the talk"  and I ran up to him and presented him with the two boxes of teabags.

"Congressman, do you know what these are for?" He replied that he did and that he was getting a lot sent to him.

"I realize this might cost me my career ( I was in uniform when I did this) but I have to  look at myself in the mirror every day and while you have the nerve to vote yourselves a 52% pay raise and hold people such as myself to microscopic ones, what you're doing is shameful. Keep two for yourself and pass out the other 46 to your friends when you get back from your gambling junket."

My Commanding Officer was standing next to him getting ready to have a vapor lock and I turned and walked away before my 2nd in command could stop me.

Needless to say I got in a world of trouble but it was worth it to me.

In the 66  years I've lived I've never seen a more weak and divided Nation than I do today. You may be anti military, but our own allies no longer trust us, and we have some crazy Nations who threaten world peace, with their build up of nuclear weapons. In the meantime we've downsized below what  the Military was before WWII. Russia has the greatest amount of nuclear weapons in the world and Iran is their proxy. The choices we have for President on both sides are laughable if it weren't so damn sad that young Americans are going to have to pay in blood once again for a Military that's been micro managed from the White House. Some people think their votes still count but they never did with the Electoral College in charge. Corruption within the government is at an all time high, and it's safe to say that our Government is broken. I've never been as pessimistic about the Country I love and spilled blood for than I am now. "Build a fence my ass!"  He's never heard of the tunnels being dug under the one we have now? On the other side of the coin you will find another four years of the same old thing, and the same old thing won't make it.

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