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Soccer/Football/Anything you call it: This game is awesome




First time I heard of the name of the game I thought that this is just like American Football but I was wrong, the game is actually a soccer game. Popularly known in the other parts of the world and is almost treated as their religion in terms of being fans outside the United States. One of most popular game is the FIFA series with so many release and the most known would be the FIFA 12 which can be played in a console or in a desktop. It can be played by a single player or can also be a multiplayer with different modes to choose from.

However, Freestyle Football is on whole new different league. In real life, the game is actually just a show off of skills and exhibitions of dribbling the ball. In the game, you can actually use the freestyle skills to score a goal and this is not the only thing that this game separates it from the other games.

The game has this urban themed atmosphere, where you can play the game with just what you are wearing. Customization is just one of the many features of this game. You can decide what will your character be look like, what to wear and what are the skills that you want to have depending on your taste, making it very personal to your preference.

You can play this game online, making the competition in a global scale, where you will meet different people with different preferences in skills and personality. It also has an option for you to use a controller, if you are not used to using the keyboard for gaming, now you can have an edge in a game using your own preferred controller.


The game has different modes to choose from, you can try to train first to familiarize the controls and the skills of the game. You can try out your skills by defeating the AI in scoring mode or the football and futsal mode where you can compete with your friends on a global scale. You can also compete with your friends, be rivals and show off your hidden talents using the freestyle football skills that are available in the game.

Like other sports, teamwork is necessary to win the game and since you are controlling only one character, you and your friends will always be dependent on each other’s skill to win a match, making the game more enjoyable to play. Another key to win is coordination, since you only have one character to control; constant communication is needed to coordinate your team’s next move and win the match.

Freestyle Football is more than a league, its more than just a game of football, with your personal touch; it is more likely you will feel that you are the one that is kicking the ball to the rather than the virtual character that you choose. For more information regarding the game, you check the website of the game athttp://football.gamekiss.com/main.jce to download and play the game. Enjoy!


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