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Moved, but still on the grind.



Well, it wasn't but about two weeks ago I decided I was moving. moved to a new location. Actually moved to the town I was born in. Didn't grow up here, only spent summers, but now im here and am a carpet technician. Yes that means no matter the issue with you carpet im prolly the one you would call to solve it. We do mold, fire, suicides, pretty much anything to do with carpet and cleaning we do. Ill be licensed here soon to do it myself, but right now im just the helper that rides along.

Now onto the actual shit that is going to be ADK related, its my goal to get back on track and lead a bunch of evening platoons granted I have some officers on to do so. Now since im mainly a pilot, I believe ill be asking my wing commanders for permission to take control of our air wing for minor skirmishes here and there when im online, ultimately guided my wing commanders. Alerts of course ill follow suit and learn as much as I can depending on which takes control, but I do really want to become something usefull to our outfit. Since my main focus has been the air for the last 4 or so months, and I love it, ill prolly continue focusing on that. HOWEVER!!! I started off being a grunt, a ground troop pounding points, I also wish to continue that and if im able, I would also like to help out leading some late night platoons as either a platoon lead, or squad lead.

Since my time gone I have gotten rusty on leading, I will be the first to admit this as my whole goal to becoming an officer in time, is to be correctly trained in the field I wish to lead, weather its just in the air or on the ground directing our forces where we need. I love the game and im always learning, im not perfect or even awesome by my standards. I am a great listener and if your tactic is explained and im able to see on the map your route of entry and attack, ill do my ultimate best to accomplish that goal. Now im not the greatest platoon lead, and that's why I always try to squad lead to try and see how they direct the platoon, the main goal im learning as this is the actual, points of entry and best route to overcome the obsticale. So all my officers out there, thank you for teaching me your ways, and thank you for letting me squad lead for you. Many of you don't know iv applied to be an officer, and I don't wish to throw that in any of your faces. I beliee if im worthy of leading and im ready to take the reigns, I will be talked about and recognized as many of the officers I respect and follow without question. That is my model I wish to aquire, time will tell if I can make my own standards, the main thing I need is to lead, the paperwork is simpe enough. but my lack of leading lately has diminished my leading confidence. I hope to see you all in the field in the coming weeks, and even more in the air.

ADK Fallen Angel



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IICRC Cert? I'm an Xactimate Estimator, water restoration specialist. fun field with the right crew to work with/for. I wish you luck in your new career. And with *cough cough* you getting the 'Wind beneath your wings' (had to ad in the music reference, am not sorry :) )

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Off the grid? So lucky dude. I've been dreaming of living off the grid for the day I started looking at houses. And for the record, the first part is the only part I read.

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