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Why Does K/D Matter So Much?



Lately I went on an expedition of sorts to find myself a suitable Planetside stat signature. However, upon viewing the first one I was horrified. I knew I had a terrible KD, I knew my SPM didn't look so hot either, and I knew several other unpleasant aspects of my poor NC character profile that had undergone severe mistreatment. From multiple flights with suicide kamikaze pilots, playing chicken with enemy tanks one too many times, parachuting without a parachute, dying to revive others, and sacrificing my vehicles in massive and bloody crashes (My Sunder has been deemed the suicide sunder) my KD is now struggling at a sad looking .3

Viewing all that information in one place was simply too much. So I set off to find a signature that focused on the things I was good at, ie revive ribbons and Head Shot Ratio. However, nothing of the sort was to be found. Anywhere. Either the signature creator skipped any valid information whatsoever, or it featured boldly my several thousand deaths, miserable accuracy as an infantry Medic, and the unfortunate amount of days I've spent in Planetside.

Down to the point, why should K/D matter so much? It's something comparable that any Gamer who claims higher than 2 can boast about, but really, is it all that matters in an FPS? My current job in Planetside allows me to interact and run with other outfits. Several extremely important things I've taken away from it so far is that what really matters on the battlefield is not how many people you can drop before they kill you, but how well you listen, how well you communicate, how well you can adapt to a situation, and how well you work in a team setting. Those 8 kills mean shit if your Commanding Officer told you to be in the opposite building.

When I first started playing Planetside 2, my policy was that I would be completely fine being killed over and over again as long as I could revive as many people as possible in my place. If I was a terrible shot, why not put the people back in play who can actually make a wave in the enemy lines? Thus, my KD suffered. A lot. Meaning .00043 for the first month I played. 0_o My first 4 kills were completely by accident as well.

For us support classes, KD is like a derogatory insult to us. We revive, hand out ammo, repair suits and vehicles, often we're the ones in the driver's seat taking the soldiers to the front lines. While our Kills as opposed to Deaths suffer, so does the enemy.

Those of you who play support like me, Medic, Engineer, Bus Driver for all I care, stand loud and proud for those KDs. You are a witness to the resilience of your faction/side. You are willing each and every day to take the hit for your troops. So never let a high scoreboard player look at your KD and put you down. You're what keeps them moving.




Recommended Comments

I don't think someone should be judge entirely on KD.

While it is a somewhat good metric for how good someone is, it's not perfect.


I personally use my KD as a goal. Since PS2 doesn't have a lot of season to season goals, it's nice to have something to work on.

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k/d doesn't matter much in fact, in bf4. The web plugin is so broken it inaccurately calculates everything.

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I know what you mean. Yesterday (my first day really playing PS2) I managed to kill 8 people and died so many times it was silly ((around 50 or so). The kills were my attempt at protecting my freshly revived teammates so they could get into cover. Luckily my first day didn't end too badly. We should get something like a Revive(Repair)/Death (possibly something else in place of death) Ratio to better showcase our support ability rather than how well we can kill. 

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@Saintviking I had more than 100 deaths the first time I played ps2, I had ten kills and 103 deaths, I hated the game so much after that I uninstalled it and broke my mouse by throwing up against the wall.

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@Camokiller199 yah i was like that too for a while but once i joined the NC and got my first couple of kils than i started to like the game more and more. Also it gets beter once u learn the maps and figure out, what is going on lol.

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if you are anywhere above soldier in planetside 2, and your worried about your kd, then why are you an officer?


i have an impressive k/d of like .2 and i dont care, i get my certs by healing people, if i even get to do that.

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