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        - Your Application
2nd post:
        - Introduction Thread
3rd - 10th post:
        - Replies To Your App
10th - 20th post:
        - Replies To Your Intro

It really is not that hard to get the simple 20 posts needed. Spamming for your 20 posts or necro posting will result in your post count being reset or a higher post limited needed.

Recruitment Topics

Ranks and Roles
Member Map
Rules and Policy
Recruit Section

Links provided above are to provide more info for new recruits on ADK roles and policy's.

Battlelog Platoons

ADK have four different platoons you can fan on Battlelog if you wish to do so. We are sorry that these platoons are currently full at this time but again, you are more then welcome to become a fan if you enjoy ADK Gaming!

=ADK= Gamers 1
=ADK= Gamers 2
=ADK= Gamers 3
=ADK= Gamers 4

Page Revisions

Revisions made by =ADK= AOBLXIX on 12/21/2013 at 1:25 PM [pst].. - Edited: Post limit changed to 20 posts. This is a VERY reasonable change You will still be marked as PENDING if you do not have AT LEAST 20 posts on the website as well as 10 hours of gaming time on our servers or 10 hours of being on team speak for those who play games with us that we don't host servers for.
Recruitment Requirements. Applicants must now have 20 posts on the website and at least 10 hours on =ADK= Servers or Time on team speak with us if they are from games that we do not have servers for.

To Begin With:
You must fill out an Application and be accepted into the =ADK= Community before you can put the =ADK= Tags anywhere in your name! If you are in our Steam group, Planet Side 2 outfit, in the ADK Platoons on Battlelog, etc. . that does not mean you are an official =ADK= Member, you still need to fill out an app! Thanks!

While we are open to having anybody in our community we do look for people who will be active in the community. We understand people do have reasons to take a leave of absence but we do ask for communication and at least make a topic in the members section if something in real life has come up and you need to take care of it. Real life will always have priority in all situations, we simply ask to just fill us in if you need to be away for awhile and so forth. You do not need to go into detail on the situation, just give us a heads up that's all.

Please Remember:
The more you play in the servers with other =ADK= Members, the better your chance at becoming an =ADK= Member. Here at =ADK= we are a relatively close group of people. We always talk to each other pretty much every day, even if we are not playing any games. So if you're in game with an =ADK= Member, than strike a conversation. We enjoy talking and having fun with fellow gamers in the community and just general discussion as a whole.

Also, Please make sure to check to your app frequently! Although we might not see you in the server due to different times of game play, please at least check back on the forums and reply to our posts. We might have certain questions that would require some answers. By responding that will at least show us your true interest in the =ADK= Gaming Community and showing you are willing to participate with in the community.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the =ADK= Gaming Community. We will be posting the status of your application on the Friday after your app is submitted. Please read the following sections below for more details on requirements and so forth and what is expected from members and so forth.

Requirements To Be Accepted As An Official ADK Member:

We are glad that you have chosen =ADK= as a place to stay and we will be looking over your application and will get back to you shortly with your status in the auto generated thread your application will make. We do require new recruits to do a few things not only to prove they plan on participating and being active but it also gives everyone in a community a chance to meet and greet you as a person as well. While we are a laid back community we do ask for participation. It doesn't have to be 24/7 within the community, but participation is what makes this community grow and brings members together. We have set the limit to 20 forum posts before you are accepted as we find that to be a reasonable number along with the following things we expect to be done are as well.

You must have 20 forum posts
10 hours of gaming on an ADK server
10 hours of being on Team Speak
Being active on our Game Servers
Introduce yourself in the Introduction section.

- There are some games where we don't host that game, and for that we do ask that you join us on Team Speak for the hour requirement stated previously to become an official member. Another thing to note is =ADK= is not a normal gaming community as we do participate in competitive gaming. If you think you can't be a member of the gaming community because you might not want to participate in competitive game play, then think again. We do not require our members to play in a competitive tournament with us, but we do leave it open for anyone who might want to play. There will be information on Competitive Game Play when you reach member status.

Regarding 20 Posts Requirement:

We understand that not everyone is a forum person, but we've all been there once upon a time and come to find out you end up enjoying your time here the more you're in game, in team speak and on the forums posting. Yes there is a 20 post requirement but don't look at it as a tough task rather something that should help you learn more about the community and interact more with the current members. So before you go and make your posts, just look for topics to respond to an have a conversation with or create a new post to strike up a conversation regarding a certain topic.

Teamspeak Info And Downloads:

We are aware that some people are simply not comfortable using their actual voice to talk and may be shy or weary of strangers you are meeting on the internet for the first time but please do not let that discourage you. Just read below and you will find we are very relaxed when dealing with issues like those within our community.

You can download Team Speak here: Download Teamspeak
Our TeamSpeak Info: TS.ADKGAMERS.COM Port: 3796
Feel free to put ADKGamers.com as the referrer if downloading for the first time.
For ADK Teamspeak Rules and Guidelines of what we expect of you in Teamspeak please click here.

- We do ask that you join Team Speak as it does promote a fun environment while you are gaming. Even our founder was once a very shy individual when he first started gaming and being on a VOIP program like Team Speak. But over time it truly will bring you out of your shell and you'll start having a great time with everyone giving live feedback and really feel like you are communicating as a team. If you'd like to just hang out in the "I'm new lobby" you can do that until you get comfortable joining a room with 10+ people or simply typing in the Team Speak chat box until you get the courage to speak as well.

Community Member Expectations:

Joining us on Team Speak
Visiting the forums daily, posting new topics, and responding to others.
Introduce yourself in the Introduction section.
Wearing the =ADK= Tag in all Officially Sponsored Games**

Thank you again for your upcoming application and we look forward to gaming with you soon. Don't forget to check back for your recruitment status frequently and join us in Team Speak when you can. If you have any questions please feel free to ask any member of =ADK= as most questions can be answered pretty simply. If your question requires special attention a admin will be directed to you. Again, thanks for your interest in joining the ADK community!

**=ADK= is active in a lot of games and we ask that any game that =ADK= sponsors that you support =ADK=. If you join us and are already a part of another group for a particular game that we aren't currently a part of, but do end up sponsoring after a certain time we just ask that you let us know ahead of time so we are aware. If you choose to remove the tags in a particular game and join another group for said game, you will have your member status removed. While we have no issue communicating on certain things, we do not appreciate just removing your tags and expecting to still be a member while you're representing another group within an =ADK= Sponsored Game. If you have any questions please contact AOBLXIX, Novaura, or VinasSol regarding this and we will help you with any issues there might be.
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